You have all the reasons in the world it wasn’t working, your life, that is.

It was your mindset.

It was generational agreements.

It was unhealthy belief systems.

It was energy misalignment.

It was negative self-talk.

It was toxic energetic attachments.

It was chakra imbalances.

It was daddy issues.

It was mother issues.

It was codependency.

It was a chemical imbalance.

It was the devastating losses you’d experienced.

It was lack of exposure.

It was a block in your receptivity channels.

It was the moon and the stars.

You name it, You had it.

And “it” surely would not allow you to succeed and fulfill your soul’s true desires.

So you hired energy coaches, strategy coaches, reiki masters; took courses on growing your audience, increasing your intuition, messaging, mindset, launching, email campaigns, clarity, money mastery, and on and on the list goes.

You were sure someone or something had the solution for how to heal you. You were sure one of these things was the answer you had been seeking because surely you didn’t have it.

Although you knew intellectually that self-knowledge was part of the answer, your rational mind distorted it into extreme self-analysis, keeping you stuck in a pattern of paralysis.


Because you can know yourself all you want but if you don’t trust yourself, no amount of knowledge will help. It will only serve to prove your brokenness beyond repair.


So what was it that did the trick? What broke the spell of doubt, distrust, and despair?


It was seeing, without condemnation or criticism, that the common denominator in both your success and lack of success was you. It was being able to take 100% responsibility for everything in your life without using it as a weapon to annihilate you. It was revoking victim mentality and shadow consciousness from your system. It was seeing through the distortions to get to the truth.

It was taking on radical self-acceptance and appreciation as a full-time job. It was choosing to see that trust grows and doubt destroys and you get to choose, in every moment, in which to place your energy.

It was understanding, at a visceral level, that connecting, truly, fully connecting to who you truly are, your essence, your higher self, was what would set you free.

And, little by little, day by day, you get stronger; your belief in yourself grows.

Doubt shrinks away and trust takes its place.

And, now you see, more clearly than ever, that only you can choose the path and only you can walk it.

You have to go through the muck and the despair and see there is no way around it so might as well go on and get it done.

You recognize now that it was a death, many deaths, that had to occur to allow your higher self to emerge. And while it felt awful going through it, you knew, at last, you had all the tools, knowledge, and experience necessary to do it and only you could do it.

You had to take the steps forward with full responsibility for all of your life.

As you shed all your false selves, the true you stepped in.

The true you, authentically powerful, which equipped you to speak your truth with everyone, everywhere, no matter what, set you free to fully be the one and only you and to experience the full pleasure of significant success in every area of your life.


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