My alarm goes off at 5 am each morning. As I wake up, I lie in bed and pray – prayers of thanksgiving and prayers requesting guidance. 

Sometimes this lasts 30 minutes, other times close to an hour.

I then get up and even if some tiredness may linger, I feel energized, and hopeful about the day and days ahead. I walk my pup in the pre-dawn morning under a sprinkling of stars, the fallen leaves rustling in the wind as they dance with each other bidding farewell to autumn. My pup looks up and grins at me as we walk together in the stillness of the early morning. 

My day is filled with helping clients move through obstacles impeding their success as we uncover their desire for greater fulfillment in their lives. 

I’ve learned the power of presence and leading with questions that invite reflection as I guide them to discover their own best answers and steps forward.

I’ve learned to detach from outcomes. Some clients will break free and some will continue to wrestle with recurring issues as their old patterns keep their tight grip on them. 

Each is on their own unique path and each will experience the breakthrough that is perfect for them – even if it’s different than what they had imagined or set their mind to.

I now see that not getting it (whatever that may be for you) is not a failure. 

It is a call to seek more of God, knowing He is refining you. It is trusting that your timing is in His hands and His timing, while it may be different than yours, is indeed perfect.

It wasn’t always this way.

There was a time when I dreaded getting out of bed and the only way I could convince myself to get up was by telling myself I could get back in bed after work later that day. 

There was a time when I was super attached to outcomes and would feel almost devastated and like a failure if a client didn’t achieve the results they desired. 

Hello, codependency!

I was rarely present. I would rush my dog to hurry up when we went on walks, barely noticing any of the trees, clouds, or natural beauty around me. I was annoyed at having to eat as it took time away from work. I was completely self-focused. This wreaked havoc on my sense of self and on my relationship with my partner.

I lived in a constant state of anxiety. It was exhausting. 

I wanted freedom from all the pressure to be, do, and have. 

I wanted a new way. 

All the self-help and working on myself weren’t helping. 

That’s when I realized that I needed something beyond myself and this world. 

I needed God, even though I wasn’t sure what that looked like or how that worked. I knew it had to be better than all the circles I had been running in getting nowhere but down. 

That’s when things started to change.  

I began to see the errors in my thinking and beliefs, like believing I had to find the answer and it was out there somewhere when in reality it was within me because God is in me as He filled me with Holy Spirit when I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior. 

He began to change my heart. I became less focused on external measures of validation and began leading and serving with love.

My work with my clients shifted and they began to see themselves through Heart Vision and we unveiled the truth of who they are, which resulted in breakthroughs in their relationships and lives.

My relationship with my partner became stronger and we connected on a deeper level.

My selfishness changed to love and appreciation, my anxiety to peace, and my despair to joy, even during challenges.

I then knew what I stood for and became bolder, more confident, and more courageous. 

I now see that knowing who you truly are and what you stand for is what changes everything – starting with your relationships and permeating into every other area of your life.

If you are tired of wrestling with self-doubt and seeking answers but coming up with more questions, I invite you to message me to explore working together in my 90-day Bold Heart mentorship where you will experience greater love and connection in your relationship and greater fulfillment in your life so you can stop chasing all the self-help and self-improvement hacks and instead create a sense of peace and true inner security that nothing and no one can shake. 

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