Meet Kori

Who I am

Born with a wanderlust that has taken me to many different parts of the world – to study, live, work, explore, and travel, I dreamed of an unconventional life from an early age.

This led me to serve in the United States Coast Guard for three years and then pursue my Bachelors degree in Psychology with a minor in Adventure Recreation and Outdoor Education. Craving seeing and knowing more of the world, I lived and worked for several years in both Mexico and Costa Rica and traveled solo for several months throughout multple countries. I earned my Masters degree in Intercultural Communication and my coaching certification to further my passion for personal development.

I now guide my clients on the adventure of their lives to unapologetic self-expression and living their lives fully uncensored.

I chose the life I always wanted. A life that allowed me to truly make a difference in the lives of others through powerful coaching, writing, teaching, and living as an example what you dream, you can achieve.

What I do


I offer one-on-one and group coaching focused on clarifying your purpose and true desires and taking powerful actions to make them a reality. We dive into the mindset shifts that will support you in living your life differently and the skill set needed to do the work that aligns with your vision. We address your self- and soul-care practices to ensure you are plugging into the right sources to keep moving forward.

We integrate the internal systems (mindset, support network, daily practices) and external structures (action plan, timeline, goals) to develop a strategy that ensures you are living your ideal life each step of the way, every day.

I offer a complimentary 20-minute insight call to address your deepest desires, the obstacles that keep surfacing and discuss working together in a coaching relationship. All coaching is done via video conferencing, so there is no need to travel. Schedule your Complimentary Insight Session and let’s do this!