Kori has helped me through a series of Life Coaching sessions to have a new perspective on my life and goals. She made me see things which I didn’t know were there, and helped me discover patterns of choices that I made in the past which didn’t serve me as well as they could have. She knows exactly what questions to ask and is very open minded, making her an easy person to talk to and trust. Best of all, her objective and analytical point of view sheds light on many issues. My sessions with Kori felt like walking down a path of self discovery guided by her, and they have helped me see things in a new way! Gracias Kori!
Amy Sasso, Pilates Instructor, San Jose, Costa Rica

Talking with Kori during a job search and interview process was incredibly helpful in getting an objective view and helping me manage my expectations. Having an experienced voice of reason during times of uncertainty in your working life is invaluable. Save your family members and friends from listening to your career woes and get an expert’s opinion.
Danielle S., Denver, CO

Kori is a pure delight. My coaching session with her was inspiring and full of motivation. I was able to create a physical “to do” list during our coaching call that brought forth instant results. I had this list brewing deep within, however, just needed her encouragement and point of view to actually face it. Kori is honest and light hearted. I felt an instant connection. I am completely amazed at how quickly my daily life changed after just one session. I highly recommend Kori to anyone that needs to find a way to make changes (large or small) in their life.
Angi D., Massillon, Ohio

Working with Kori helped me move past my resistance to bringing joy and peace into my life. Her easy-going approach allowed me to quickly build trust and get in touch with concrete goals for manifesting happiness in my daily routines.
Steve M., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Kori was great. I approached the session with a list of things we might talk about and hadn’t expected there to be any surprises. But as I was talking, Kori really picked up on the pieces that excited me and helped me to focus on them until they started to feel really possible and really exciting. It was totally unexpected and wonderful. Our session gave me a huge boost, a clear sense of direction – and we ended the session with defined next steps. I’m really grateful to Kori for her insight and for her ability to tune into and zero in on what needed to be pursued!
Sarah R. , Toronto, Ontario, Canada