I remember meeting a man from my mastermind group early one spring morning to trail run in the foothills outside of Denver. As we climbed the hills alongside a small stream, rows of pine trees, and the sagebrush reaching for the sky, he began to share the story of his now-broken marriage. Once he started, the words poured out like water being released from a dam.

Over an hour later, back at the parking lot, he said, Wow, I’ve never told anyone all that before. Thank you for listening.

I smiled, honored to be a witness to what he had experienced and what he was now stepping into. 

God gave me the gifts of compassion and curiosity. 👑

I have found that people I have just met often share things with me they haven’t shared with anyone before. 


Because I truly want to KNOW them, not fix them. I want to truly HEAR their story and experiences. When there is no judgment, there is great freedom. 

As their story pours out freely, it is like parts of their heart and soul are unlocked. They gain new insights as they release what sometimes feels like this burden they’ve been carrying around for years. 

Feeling accepted allows them to move through it and look at it with new eyes. They feel lighter and freer. 

It is like they are coming home to themselves for the first time and are welcome there at last. ❤️

These experiences gave me the realization of how deep this need to be fully listened to is and how much it is lacking in our daily lives.

We live in a time where everyone is competing to be heard yet no one is really listening.

There is true power and healing in being deeply listened to – having someone be a witness to what you are feeling and experiencing and allowing you the space to make sense of it – without judgment or the offering of advice or trying to fix it. 

It is like you are finally SEEN for who you truly are and you feel FREE to BE who you truly are. ✨

That is how Soul Spa was born – a massage for your heart and soul. 55 minutes devoted SOULLY to YOU – to release what you’ve been holding back, exploring your deepest heart desires and soul longings, and discovering new insights, answers, and possibilities that are hidden within you.

The only agenda is YOU and only YOU.

To honor this call placed on my heart, I am offering this intimate experience for an investment of only $177.

This is an opportunity to explore, discover, uncover, and unveil so you start to see yourself through HeartVision. You step into trusting yourself and your inner guidance. As you see yourself differently, you take different actions and this opens you up to give, receive, and experience more love, freedom, and joy all while having greater inner security. 

This allows you to tap into your true nature: your divinity. 💎

Welcome Home. ❤️

Once you make your payment, I will reach out to schedule your SoulSpa with you! 😊

You can also book a call with me here.

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