The Best Thing You Can Do Today to Improve Your Relationship…

Are you ready?

No, it’s not to have more sex, go on more dates, be more affectionate, break up the routine.

It’s even better than that.

The #1 thing you can do to improve your relationship?

🔥 Eliminate complaints.🔥 

Make it a spiritual discipline to NOT complain about ANYTHING. 

Not one thing. 

When you notice yourself getting irritated or annoyed and you have the urge to criticize, pause and ask yourself these three questions:

  1. What will you gain? Is what you are about to share edifying? Will your words be life-giving and loving? If not, release them.
  2. What do you want? Do you want him to be more like you? Someone he’s not? Spend three minutes listing all that you appreciate about him and bathe in it.
  3. What is the truth? He is designed uniquely. The same is true for you. The truth is God loves you both just as you are. Love, compassion, and acceptance are what create changes within yourself and others.

Start with you.❤️

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