Heart Vision Relationship Evolution

Hello, I’m Kori! A Life by Heart mentor for high achieving females who are tired of doing it all without having it all and who want to create more love in their relationship, their work, and their body.


My favorite thing to talk about is the connection between relationships and holistic success. In my work and in my own experiences, I have found that so many women discount their desires, settle for less than they want, wrestle with self-worth and self-image, and hold back on their fullest expression in their work and relationship. It’s all a reflection of their relationship with themselves and who they think they “need” to be.


Women often feel selfish for wanting more then question whether that’s even possible and then feel jealous when they see someone else who has the work, relationship, and life they desire.


It breaks my heart and it’s time to say ENOUGH!


I didn’t always know there was an intricate link between our path and our relationship with ourselves and that they could both be a reflection of love. I grew up seeing my mom work non-stop and struggle was her way. I was told to work at whatever job made the most money so there was this belief in cutting off part of yourself for work.


When I began my journey, I found so many ways that didn’t work. I worked at jobs I was good at but I knew my heart wasn’t in it. I sought out guidance to clarify my path because I knew there was more to life than working to pay the bills but losing your soul in the process. I searched and read books and invested and beat myself up and doubted myself and questioned my path. It was not pretty. All of this searching for the right path kept me disconnected from my heart and from God.


It was me on my own searching outside of me, thinking someone out there had the answer and even though I had tried many of those “answers,” and found they didn’t work for me, my mind was determined I just had to keep searching, that surely there was one that would work…eventually.


This kept me discouraged and did a number on my sense of self, my trust in God, and my belief in my path.


I was tired of living in doubt, questioning, being in analysis paralysis and learning nonstop without progressing as much as I had hoped.


I felt lost and confused. I felt constricted and limited. I felt like the odds weren’t in my favor and I was fighting a losing battle.

I got to the point where I had had enough of looking for others’ solutions, feeling frustrated and discouraged, and I decided it was time to create my own way.


I dedicated myself to strengthening my relationship with God instead of stubbornly insisting I do it on my own and to change my mental, emotional, and energetic patterns about what it meant to be successful in my relationship with myself and God to create a life I loved.


I transformed the way I saw myself and my work as I learned to look at myself through God’s eyes. I created new belief systems and rooted out and released all the old ones that had held me back for way too long. I stripped away all the masks I thought I had to wear in order to be successful and let my true personality that is fun, quirky, curious, and loving come through. I committed to daily intuitive journaling to connect more deeply with God, my heart, and my purpose. I dug deeper into learning more about victim mentality, self-esteem, how the mind works and how to change its default wiring. I spent time increasing my understanding of the energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual elements integral to satisfying, impactful, and sustainable work. I came to understand how to work and live from heart.


This was only possible because I deeply transformed my relationship with myself. This relationship continues to evolve and pull me closer to God. I am always learning how to refine this and how to continue to refine my communication – how I speak to myself and about my work, how I write, and how I serve. It started with the belief that I was meant for more, that more was possible for me, and that I come from divine royalty.


Here is what I am gifted in:


Guiding a deeper understanding of the holistic nature of success. To end the compartmentalization and build and grow your work and life by heart with a sound mind and body.

Being in integrity in my teachings, writings, and work and holding my work with great love and high standards.

Growing in my relationship with myself and cultivating a deeper relationship with God to live, work, and walk with conviction and in faith.

Refining my communication and writing and continuing to elevate my relationship with my work to create more impact, freedom, fun, and abundance.


And, it is my calling and mission to teach others the same.


It’s not about success. It’s about who you are and what you are here to do and to do so with great freedom, impact, self-expression, abundance, and love.

It’s about a decision to see yourself and your life differently. It’s about doing your work differently.


Creating more success won’t heal your relationship with yourself. Healing your relationship with yourself will heal your relationship with yourself. As a result, your work changes – your communication changes and you are SEEN differently because who you are BEING in all you are doing has elevated and expanded.


If you’re tired of searching for solutions, reading all the books, and feeling more confused than ever and are sick of all the mindset work that doesn’t seem to work…


It’s time to transform your work and life. ❤️


If you desire to


🧡 break out of confusion, overwhelm, and survival mode

🧡 gain clarity on your divine path

🧡 refine your communication to speak with conviction in your work and life

🧡 write from inspired intuition to create and live out a new story of you

🧡 elevate your relationship with yourself and with God

🧡 create your own unique practices to stay connected to your purpose, heart, and body

🧡 grow your work with heart, intuition, and trust as you deepen your faith

🧡 heal, forgive, and release your past investments and attempts at growth that didn’t work

🧡 increase your confidence in your work, your spiritual gifts, and the worth and value of your work

🧡 learn to keep progressing with more spirit, flow, and grace and kiss anxiety good-bye


Then this is for YOU!


From posing to authentic power and poise

From insecurity to inner security

From self-doubt to self-trust and belief

From self-criticism and negative comparison to positive high regard

From proving and convincing to conviction and grounded humility

From people pleasing to assertive and empowering communication and clear boundaries

From anxiety and low energy to faith and rich energy

From feeling lost and confused to living your mission and creating your legacy

From feeling disconnected from your partner to deeper intimacy and trust in your relationship

From stressing and overwhelm to progressing with grace and faith

From living in survival mode to learning to excel as you are designed to and thrive


Join me on a 60-day 1:1 Heart Vision Relationship Evolution Adventure


Week 1: Align with purpose, desire, and prosperity to create work and life by heart by seeing yourself with Heart Vision. Create your purpose statement.

Week 2: Remove the scripted mask and uncover your spiritual gifts and the unique traits that allow you to connect and excel naturally. Know who you TRULY are.

Week 3: Create standards, rituals, and deep connection with yourself, your work, and God.

Week 4: Rewrite your story of struggle and begin to live out a story of victory.

Week 5: Learn assertive and empowering communication to unleash your unapologetic self-expression.

Week 6: Refine your relationships with clear boundaries and high standards.

Week 7: Be seen in new places and in new ways – embody the energy of increase and expansion.

Week 8: Create vision and playbook for next level growth.

  • There is also a 40-day spiritual practice that you will engage in during weeks one and seven to integrate and deepen the healing and the changes you are making. There are individualized integration practices each week to guide the embodiment of the transformation you are creating.

The investment for this mentorship is in the mid four figures and you, your life, and your business are worth it. Payment plans are also available.


Who you are:

This is an invitation for high achieving women who are tired of feeling like they don’t know who they really are, are tired of searching for answers that lead to more questions, and want to deepen their walk in faith instead of living in doubt, overworking, sacrificing time with family and friends and want more freedom, joy, connection with God, and love in every area of their lives.

You want to transform your work from the inside out, to be connected to your purpose, serve from your unique gifts and traits, and work and live with deep integrity, love, faith, and conviction with heart alignment instead of shoulds and comparison-itis.

You want to feel more confident and have more clarity in who you are and what you stand for and to unleash your unapologetic self-expression.

You have done your fair share of inner work and you are not afraid to go deeper. You are open to looking at things from a variety of perspectives and keeping a beginner’s mind, as you know that the right insight at the right time can change everything.

You wrestle with how you show up in your work and tend to show up differently and hold back on what you really want to say and you want to toss the masks and let your unique traits and personality shine through.

You want to be working with more joy and have more freedom in what you do, what you say, and how you share what’s important to you.

You want to feel more connected to your spouse and feel more present with your children.

You desire to create a new story and legacy – to be an example of a live well-lived for your children and future generations.

You desire to cultivate courage and conviction to live, work, and walk in faith with God.


You are disillusioned. You want MORE. And you’re tired of DOING more and not seeing much change.


If you are tired of wondering if you are on the right path, the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical toll of questioning your purpose, chasing the next “fix” only to be disappointed again, and want to learn YOUR unique way of working, living, and being in relationship purposefully, passionately, and prosperously, and to grow with impact and heart, this, my love, is for YOU.


Investment: $3877 when paid in full by Venmo (@kori-gouge) or Zelle or Wise (kmgouge@gmail.com). $3948 via Stripe.

Payment plan: 2 payments of $2338 via Venmo, Zelle, or Wise. First payment due at signing and second payment due at the end of the fourth week. $2385 x 2 via Stripe.

Other payment options can be explored as well.


Let’s explore what impactful, soulful, and joyful work and life looks like for you. ❤️

If this is speaking to you, before you schedule a call, please review the following agreements:

✅ I agree that I understand that this is a call to have a conversation about working together and I agree to make a decision either way on the call.

✅ I agree that I have read what is involved in this program and understand the support being offered.

✅ I agree that this is the right time for me to grow and I am committed to going all in.

✅ I agree that I understand the investment and I am ready to organize my finances to be able to move forward if it is a good fit for both of us.

Ready? Schedule your call.