Bold Heart Relationship Evolution

90 days to move from stressing, second-guessing, and disconnecting with food, alcohol, and busyness to creating great inner security and confidence in yourself and your relationship and experiencing greater fulfillment, freedom, love, and joy.


So many women discount their desires, settle for less than they want, wrestle with self-worth and self-image, and hold back on their fullest expression in their relationship. It’s all a reflection of their relationship with themselves and who they think they “need” to be. 


Women often feel selfish for wanting more then question whether that’s even possible and then feel jealous when they see someone else who has the relationship and life they desire. 

You are disillusioned. You want MORE. And you’re tired of DOING more and not seeing much change.

I know it breaks your heart and you are ready to say ENOUGH!

You are tired of feeling like you’re always working on yourself. You want more freedom, joy, connection, and love in every area of your life. 

You want to feel more confident and have more clarity in who you are and what you stand for.  

You want to be living with more joy and have more freedom in what you do, what you say, and how you share what’s important to you. 

You want to feel more connected to your spouse and feel more present with your children.

You desire to create a new story and legacy – to be an example of a life well-lived for your children and future generations. 

Imagine expressing yourself freely, confidently, and powerfully with every person you meet. No apologies, no self-monitoring, no self-censorship.


Imagine living the life of fulfillment, impact, and significance with the rich relationship you’ve been craving for years and  that brings joy into every area of your life.

It’s time to transform your relationship.

If you desire to


🧡 break out of confusion, overwhelm, and survival

🧡 experience more freedom, joy, and love

🧡 elevate your relationship with yourself, your partner, and God

🧡 create your own unique practices to stay connected to God, your heart, and your body



Then this is for YOU!

Welcome to the Bold Heart Relationship Evolution Experience!

90 days to move from stressing, second-guessing, and disconnecting with food, alcohol, and busyness to creating great inner security and confidence in yourself and your relationship and experiencing greater fulfillment, freedom, love, and joy.


💎 From insecurity to inner security

💎 From self-doubt to self-trust and belief

💎 From people pleasing to assertive and empowering communication and clear boundaries 

💎 From feeling disconnected from your partner to deeper intimacy and trust in your relationship

💎 From stressing and overwhelm to progressing with grace and faith

💎 From living in survival mode to learning to excel as you are designed to and thrive

Join me on a 90-day 1:1 Bold Heart Relationship Evolution Adventure  


❤️ The investment for this mentorship is in the mid four figures and you, your life, and your relationship are worth it. Payment plans are also available.


Here is what you will experience


👑 Being guided to a see yourself with Heart Vision to unveil the truth of who you are. 

👑 Feeling supported in being in integrity in your relationship with great love and high standards. 

👑 Help in facilitating growth in your relationship with yourself to cultivate a deeper relationship with God to live, work, and walk with conviction and in faith. 

 A bit about me…


I wrestled with confusion on my path for many years. This caused me to settle and to stay in relationships that left me feeling empty. I chose to fill that emptiness with house projects, happy hours, and social events where I made sure I maintained the ever fleeting high of alcohol. All of this kept me disconnected from my true soul’s longing for expression and deeper love. 

I was tired of dating unavailable men thinking this one would be different only to feel disappointed when it didn’t change my internal state for long and facing another heartbreak. 

I had read plenty of books on relationships and done my fair share of self-assessments – I was like a self-analysis junkie. 

They all kept me in my head. 

What I needed was to explore who I was from my heart ❤️ to not see myself from a worldly perspective but instead from a Godly perspective. 👑


That changed everything.


As I learned to see myself through God’s eyes, I saw that I didn’t have to keep dismissing the desires of my heart nor did I need to fear what they would require of me because God equipped me for a great love.

I quit searching for answers outside of me and asked God to transform my heart.  That was the beginning of a whole new life for me. ☀️ 

I became the partner I desired and my relationship with my now-husband completely transformed to one of great connection, intimacy, fun, and love.

It led me to dedicate my coaching practice to helping women transform their relationships with themselves, their husbands and family, and God. 

I guide them to see themselves and their relationship with Heart Vision to have clarity on their desires, create courage to take off the masks they thought they had to wear in order to be loved, and cultivate conviction in being the woman they are called to be with great faith and love.


And, this is my calling and mission.


If you are tired of wondering if you are on the right path, the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical toll of questioning your relationship, chasing the next “fix” only to be disappointed again, and want to learn to create a bold heart relationship where you are free and joyful and experience great peace and deep love, this, my love, is for YOU.


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Payment plan:

2 payments of $1497.

First payment due at signing and second payment due at the end of the fourth week. 


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Let’s explore what a bold heart relationship looks like for you. ❤️

If you have questions and would like to have a conversation, you can book a call here.