What do you do when you’ve asked but nothing happens?


Crickets. Nada. Zilch.


Do you let doubt seep in? Do you spiral into fear, worry, and anxiety?


Do you abandon yourself and your desires?


Or do you stay in alignment with your desires – acting, being, and believing as the person who already has what they desire, regardless of their current circumstances?


Most often, abandonment comes quickly. It’s the easy way out – ditch your desires and “be responsible” and “grow up.”


Beware, the shadow is lurking.


You must check for lies and illusions because shadow energy is running the show when this happens. You must excavate those lies, extricate them, and operate on them. You must burn out the shadow as if you were performing surgery, removing the toxic cells and burning all the roots left behind before sewing the incision back together. You must completely burn out the roots so they have nothing left to cling to; so they cannot dig deeper and grow again. They are insidious.


You must be diligent. You must be vigilant. When and if you notice them creeping back in, you must attack immediately. You must root them out, clean out the trench completely, and you must plant truth there so you don’t leave a void. Nature seeks to fill voids so do not leave it vulnerable to weeds and old growth. Fill it only with the best soil – with life-giving beliefs and thoughts and truth – so that only truth can grow there. And then hold yourself to that truth with exacting standards, radical trust, and supreme integrity in what you say, how you hold yourself, your posture, your facial expressions, your appearance, your thoughts, actions, words, and beliefs.


Now ask yourself – do you believe yourself?


If an old lover (the shadow) came around now, would they believe you when you said you were through or would they still think they had a chance because they noted in your voice and body language that you hadn’t fully committed to a new way without them? You weren’t totally standing up for yourself. You gave them a glimmer of hope because they could tell you still doubted yourself and your decision so they stuck around. They kept planting more seeds of doubt in you, convincing you of their ways and beliefs so that you fall again.


So, you must ask yourself again – do you believe you? Are you convinced that you are not going back to them and your old ways, no matter how familiar and comfortable it is? Are you really done this time? Have you ripped out every last claw so that there is zero emotional charge when they come around? So much so it’s like oil trying to stick to water and no matter what they say or do or how hard they try, it doesn’t stick. There is nothing there. Nothing. They finally see the futility of their efforts and leave. They see you are solid, you stand for your truth and there is no room for them anywhere at all in any crevice of your life.


At first, you notice the gap in the space they used to take up, like an old memory of who you used to be but now it holds no weight. No emotional charge. The old story and memory fade. The gap closes. You become stronger. Things that used to trigger you now bounce right off you as if you are made of  Teflon.


Now you know who you are and nothing can get in the way or prevent you from living the fullest expression of your divine soul living through you as you.

This is true freedom. Absolute liberation. You are not at the whim of society, circumstances, or other people’s opinions or perceptions of you. Your internal state comes from you and you uphold the highest standards for what that looks and feels like. As such, your energy rises and you become a perfect match for all you desire. You hold unwavering self-belief, impeccable truth, and radical trust.


No matter what comes or doesn’t come your way, you hold yourself in high regard and honor your soul. You are unshakeable, unstoppable, and unoffendable.


Welcome home.

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