Who the hell was born just hoping their life would be one long list of disappointments, unmet desires, unrealized dreams, and unfulfilled hopes? Who has always wanted to live in a constant state of lack, frustration, and self-hatred? No thanks. Screw that. Yet, how often do we get stuck in this exact place, the cycle of despair, over and over again?


Struggle makes you inner-focused. There is no connection to others or to the world. It is all you. The only thing you can hear and see is that you are fucked up. You think the way to fix it is to isolate, analyze, and focus on you. It doesn’t work. It just shows you more of what you don’t want to see. You have to stop focusing on the shit show and finding evidence and proof for why it is a shit show and how that goes to show you are a piece of shit, which spirals you back into self-hatred and despair. You can’t heal yourself from there nor can you see the way out. There is no creativity in that place, only resignation and self-beration, which is what you’ve done for most of your life and look where it’s gotten you – miserable, broke, suicidal, unhappy, discontent, and apathetic. Yep, it sure has helped, hasn’t it? Feckin Hell.


You have to shift your focus OUTward while healing what’s inside.


The thing is just as you created your current shit show, you also have the power to create something entirely different – the exact opposite – where you realize your dreams, fulfill your hopes, meet and exceed your desires AND allow it, love it, accept it and honor it.


You have to do the exact opposite of what you’ve been doing. The exact opposite. Everything you do, no matter how small, messy, or fucked up, is perfect. Thank you.


So specifically, what does the exact opposite look like? You light up every room you walk in. You are magnetic. Your energy activates and ignites everyone you come into contact with. It is powerful. You destroy all shoulds, rules, and expectations and do whatever the fick lights you up. You deliberately choose to experience pleasure each day and become aware of it. You play every day and appreciate it. You laugh every day and love it.


You give love to your business, appreciating it. You stop using your business as a whip to make you feel like shit. You accept great money for your services with great joy and appreciation. You no longer look to others as having the answer. You have the answers. You have all the answers. (You just might need guidance uncovering them but they are indeed, there,) You ask provocative questions. You say exactly what you mean. You don’t hold back. You don’t sugar coat.


You disrupt your own patterns. You challenge yourself to do one thing every day that terrifies you, to break up your routine, and to throw your world and ideas upside down. You let go of any expectations of others as you are the only one capable of bringing yourself happiness, success, and passion. You do the uncomfortable thing, have the uncomfortable conversation, take the scary risk because you deeply trust yourself at last. You know that the first thing that comes to mind is the thing to do, always. You stop the fecking overanalysis and do the goddamned thing already. You are all in on whatever it is you are doing or you are not in at all. No more wishy-washy, half-assed, mediocre bullshit. You bring and do your best in every moment, even if it’s a mess –  as long as it was your best, you’re good. If you held back, you adjust, make amends, rewrite that part of your story, and go again.


It’s your story and you get to create it to be as terrible or as magnificent as you desire. And you always get to begin again and create a whole new story – a story of triumph, victory, power, passion, and freedom.


All that you desire is waiting for you at the simple turning of a page.


Are you ready to create and live the most incredible story of your life?


Let’s begin.


To the true you,




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