There is no way to change your being by your doing.


You’ve done all the things. Marked off all the boxes. Followed all the suggestions of the uber-successful coaches. Webinars? Done. FB ads? Yes. Livestreams? Of course. Email marketing? Yep. And the list goes on. Marketing. Networking. Strategy. Systems. Programs. Courses. You’ve done it all. And, now, you’ve lost the light. You’ve lost sight of why you started your business because the business you’ve created is not feeding your soul. But isn’t this what it takes, you ask yourself? I’m doing all the things. But, inside you know this isn’t working. It’s not fun. It’s not you. Your business is no longer a reflection of you and your unique genius. It is now this thing you feed, this thing on your to-do list. And, it sucks. And, that energy  – the energy of striving, proving, doing – it is not only robbing you of your joy, it is also affecting your business. That energy is not attractive and actually serves to repel your ideal clients. This only serves to lower your energy even more as you get frustrated and scared.


If you want to turn your business around, it is an inside-out job. You have to start within. You have to begin with your being, not your doing. You can change your doing all you want (and you have!) and it may work for a brief spell but it’s not sustainable. Your soul longs for more – for the whole picture – financial success, significance, impact, incredible health, awesome relationships, the whole package not just the bow.


How you are being affects everything. Every. Thing. You can’t hide energy but you can transform it. You can elevate it. You have to BE in the energy of the person who is already living the life you desire, running the business of your dreams, traveling to all the places on your list, engaging in the most incredible relationships, and enjoying awesome health, prosperity and abundance in all areas of your life. NOW. Not when you get a client or complete your marketing or lose weight or whatever it is you place in between you and everything you desire. YOU must BE the person you desire to be NOW. Right now.


Once you do that, all the doing flows. You have the exact right words your ideal client needs to hear in your marketing post. You are at the right place at the right time to get asked for a collaboration. Your energy flows from your intuition and your intuition guides you to exactly where you need to be, one step at a time. It is your job to listen, honor, and act on it. Immediately. Without question or hesitation. This is how you invoke the magician – that being inside you who can make something out of nothing, without regard to time or space. Throw off the restraints and start walking. Eyes forward. Trusting the path. Go where it leads you. Be the highest expression of you and you’ll never go astray.


If you’re ready for a high-level guide to lead you back to you, to guide you to trust yourself, your authentic self, and your truth, always, no matter what, I invite you to contact me to find out more about working together.

P.S. Coaching requires 100% responsibility. It will not save you if you don’t OWN it and do the work. It will save you by equipping you to save yourself. No, it isn’t a magic pill or bullet. It isn’t a secret formula. It requires work. It requires grit and determination. But the reward is a freedom unlike any other. Freedom from everything that has ever held you back – limiting beliefs, dysfunctional default thought patterns, playing small, and all the reasons (excuses) you’ve ever made about why you can’t have what you truly desire. Because the truth is you can.  


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