I have always been obsessed with freedom. From the time I was a little girl, you couldn’t keep me inside or slow me down. I was always exploring, discovering, creating, often alone. It didn’t matter, I was always up to something. I also devoured books because I also felt a freedom in the worlds created on the pages. In high school, I discovered trail running and was hooked. Pure freedom – no equipment needed, no car, just me and my shoes, getting lost in the hills under the wide open sky. I was free.


In high school, I became obsessed with country western culture. I envisioned living on a ranch with a lot of land and open space all around. Cowboys were the epitome of freedom – living under the sky, unencumbered, rugged, strong, independent, living by their own rules.


Travel also became an integral piece of who I am. It offered me a new world – a place I could be anyone, do anything, and explore to my heart’s content.


Freedom is also why I started my business. I am a freedom girl – it’s in my DNA. I never wanted the conventional life. When I started working for a non-profit, what I loved about it was I worked out of a high school and had the flexibility to create curriculum, organize field trips, and expand our services into more classes and schools. Once I started moving up the ranks, while I had more power, so to speak, I also felt more constrained. Now I was reporting to a cube from 8-5, which started to slowly kill my spirit and soul.


The call for freedom had to be answered. I quit that job, even though I had consistently advanced every year, to move to Mexico to live and teach, travel solo throughout Central America, and then live and work in Costa Rica.


In Costa Rica, I knew I was moving closer to having my own business. I had to file paperwork to become my own company to be a contractor for the company I worked for in San Jose. I then decided to pursue my coaching certification so that I could not only work for myself, I could help people in a more impactful way.


Having said all this, all of these elements of freedom, while important to me, are external. What I am discovering now is that the freedom I was truly craving is internal because wherever you go, there you are.


You can change jobs, partners, schools, names, countries, but you’re still you. If you haven’t dealt with the inside, no amount of external change will do. You can recreate yourself, be super successful, but still be dying inside because you are only scratching the surface.


When you commit to doing the internal work, to free yourself from the tyranny of limiting beliefs and the lies you’ve been living under for most of your life, that is when you will experience a true re-creation of you.


Because when the shadow side is driving your life, that is when you are suppressing your soul and your true power.


If you haven’t dealt with the shadow side in a meaningful way, no matter how successful you look from the outside, inside the battle continues to rage. Freedom from that fight is unlike any other. Now you aren’t out to prove anybody or anything wrong or right. You’re out to be in your truth and power, all the time, everywhere, with everyone. Your soul is the driver instead of the demon. When this happens, everything changes – your body, your health, your business, your relationships. When you ascend, so does everything around you.


When your soul is not driving, when you are suppressing it or ignoring it – that is when you experience depression, addiction, poor health, dissatisfying work, financial stress, dysfunctional relationships, etc. Your body is trying to tell you to wake the hell up the only way it knows how – through pain and trauma because it is the only way you will finally pay attention.


Your soul wants to lead but it can’t if you keep buying into your limiting beliefs and lies. Your playing small is dishonoring your soul, denying your power, neglecting the role you are here to play. You are the star player, not the fill in. You write the rules. You are here to win the game and to play the game at your best, at the highest level possible. You are here to let your soul’s light transmute the darkness and to shine so brightly that the only way to go is up. And, this, my friend, is a freedom that can never be taken away from you. This is a freedom unlike any other you have ever experienced. This is a freedom worth fighting for.


Are you up for the fight?


Are you ready to experience true freedom and real success?

If you a coach, healer, wellness practitioner, artist, or online business owner, and you are tired of the disappointing results you’re seeing in your business, let’s talk.

If you dream of consistent $10k+ months with ease and joy while living a life of great significance with incredible impact and the freedom to be YOU and to live the life you have always dreamed of, let’s talk.

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