My birthday weekend has passed and we are back to the workweek. This morning, I decided it was time to get back to the mountains for a trail run. Luckily, today is a federal holiday so there wasn’t much traffic and I arrived at Apex Park in just over half-hour, which isn’t bad at all.

It made me realize how much of a convenience society we are. We want everything to be convenient. I am guilty of this. It was one of my concerns about living on the east side of Denver – that I would be further from the mountains – and the mountains really do feed my soul. Today, I decided it was time to stop whining about the distance and get my butt over there. It was so worth it. When I arrived, there were only two cars in the parking lot. I had the trails pretty much to myself. I could feel the energy of the trees, the creek, and the fresh air fill me up. I needed this.

Where in your life are you making excuses? It’s too far. It costs too much. It’s too late. I’m too tired. I don’t have time. Today, I want you to take your most common excuse and ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is that really true?
  2. If that wasn’t necessarily the whole truth, why might I be using this excuse? What does this excuse allow me to do?
  3. If I could no longer use this excuse, what would I be capable of doing? How would I be showing up differently? How would that impact my life and the people around me?

Many times, we use our excuses as a way to hide, to play small, to give up our power, and even to play the victim. Notice how often you say, “I can’t” vs. “I am choosing to do this instead” or “I am choosing not to do that or go there or invest in that.” How would that change your conversations?

I chose not to get up early. I chose not to go to the gym or trail run or work out or walk. I chose not to invest in that program or car or computer. These are much more powerful statements than saying, I couldn’t get up, I can’t afford it.

I challenge you to pay attention to your language for 24 hours. Notice how often you use disempowering statements vs. powerful statements. Make an effort to immediately change what you say as soon as you catch yourself going into a story aobut why you can’t do this or that thing. We are more powerful than we realize. Today, take your power back. Start with your language. Notice how just that little change affects your actions, behavior, and thoughts.

What will you choose today?

Sending you powerful language and the power of decisions,


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