I remember this one night in the middle of winter when my husband was working the night shift and I was feeling overwhelmed. 

I told him – I feel like I am doing…

Then I paused. I was going to say everything but something stopped me.

I was doing a lot but I couldn’t say I was doing everything. 

Instead, I said, something.

We laughed. 

Then I said, I’d like more help.

He said, ok.

He walked the dog before he left.

I felt relief. I felt supported. I felt heard.

When he got home later that night, he brought me flowers.

I was amazed at how this conversation could have turned into a conflict and instead, it brought us closer together.

That’s when I knew I was living into a new story – one that no longer included drama to feel loved. I had released the old stories that had prevented me from experiencing deeper love and connection in my relationship and was now living from a place of freedom and joy.

I’d like to invite you to learn to experience that, too! 😊

I have opened up seven spots for a special 90 minute VIP Intensive Relationship Rewrite: A deep dive to uncover your true heart desires in your relationship and what needs releasing to allow you to receive it. This is an opportunity to explore what you really want, what’s in the way, and who you get to BE to create it. 

Walk away with: 

1 – clarity on your desires and how to call them in

2 – knowing the story that has held you back and how to release it

3 – tools and practices to guide you to create and live into a new story

So that… 

🌟 You release the pressure and anxiety you feel in your relationship so you can stop all the fixing and lean into trust and ease

🌟 Begin to experience greater connection with your partner

🌟 Experience freedom from all the criticism and analysis and the joy that makes available

🌟 Discover who you get to BE that makes all this possible.

For a limited time, I am offering this at a special rate of only $297 as I want more people to experience deeper love and more peace in their relationship so that it is truly an expression of the divine. 

Claim your spot now!


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