I did it all and was convinced one of these things would be IT and I’d be on the smooth sailing highway to success. 

I was misguided. 

I thought I just had to work harder at it – work harder at being me – and do all these things to remove everything preventing that. 

Yet this reinforced the belief that something was wrong with me – like believing I had a dysfunctional money story and an unhealthy mindset or that I was letting my shadow run the show. 

While I was doing all this work on myself, the funny thing was I was not becoming a better person. 🤨

I was becoming more self-absorbed, selfish, and withdrawn. It was all about ME and anything that got in the way – family, relationships,and fun – had to be eliminated.

I was growing bitter, angry, resentful, critical, and impatient.


Because despite all this inner work, I wasn’t seeing significant changes in my business or my life.

It makes sense now that I can see it differently. Working from the premise of brokenness as the foundation of growth is not helpful. Putting all the pressure on yourself to fix it and figure it out, which many coaches reinforce, increases your frustration which leads to you not being someone people want to be around, which, of course, affects client attraction.

I had had enough and decided to turn it on its head. 

I committed to seeing myself through Heart Vision to discover how I could live a different story knowing God created me to do good work. I studied and worked on embodying the characteristics of God instead of those of society – characteristics like kindness, patience, generosity, love, peace, joy, self-discipline, trust, and faith. 

As I did, the bitterness subsided. The anger diminished. 

The comparison faded, along with the self-absorption.

I stopped swearing whereas before swearing was my default. 

Instead of complaining, I looked for the good in each situation. 

Instead of criticism, I gave more praise. I gave people the benefit of the doubt and offered more grace and forgiveness to myself and others.

I felt more peace and less anxiety. I was kinder to everyone I interacted with whereas before I often avoided people. 

I was more patient and understanding.

My faith grew while still having moments of being tested. 

I learned to take every thought into captivity to Christ and to ask – is this for my good or for evil? I began to cast out the thoughts against me that I used to take as truth. 

I came back to my purpose in starting my business – to be a light in the darkness of the (coaching) world. To share the truth even when it’s uncomfortable. To be bold in sharing my story. To guide my clients back to love – the love they are created to be by God, love for the work they are here to do and to do that work with love, and to see that love in their relationships, and in their mental, physical, emotional, and financial health. To guide them to stand up, speak up, and stand out through real, raw, unscripted visibility, and sharing the unfiltered truth of their message to be seen as the only coach for their clients. ❤️.

This is possible for you, too. I am not smarter, better, or more special than you. I simply committed to the Truth and to SEE only the Truth. I’ll admit, it isn’t easy but it is absolutely worth the freedom, peace, and joy it gives you. 



If you are ready to dump all the things you’ve tried that haven’t worked and are ready to commit to uncovering your way, unveiling the truth of who you are, and unleashing your true message to be magnetic to your soulmate clients,  I invite you to book a call with me to chat about my 60-day 1:1 Heart Vision Mentorship. If it’s a good fit, we can get started right away. 😊