While I am glad it’s the weekend, it isn’t the weekend so much that I am looking forward to as much as the fact that I won’t be working. I meet a few friends for happy hour where I drink more than I need to numb myself from the fact that I am not that happy even though I’m at happy hour with friends. We all depart ways and I return to an empty house.

I keep myself busy over the weekend with activities and projects and then numb myself out with food and wine.

I dreaded going to work on Monday yet I didn’t know what else I wanted to do. I was going through the motions and it made me sad.

Something inside me knew there must be more to life than this and was frustrated that I didn’t know what it was despite all my searching.

I was doing good work and it was making a difference in people’s lives but I still felt empty inside. I felt alone a lot even when I was with family and friends. It was like no one really understood me.

I wanted more – more meaning, fulfillment, a sense of a greater purpose.

I was focused on myself and what the world and my family thought and felt like I had to prove myself, look good, and be successful in their eyes. I sought answers in books and in programs but they didn’t seem to help all that much.

What I know now is that all the searching outside of me kept me looking for answers outside of me. I needed to connect more deeply with my heart and learn to see myself from a higher perspective.

Then I was able to uncover my spiritual gifts that helped clarify my divine path.

Learning to see myself with Heart Vision changed me. I learned to trust I was being led and guided by heart, spirit, and God.

That led to feeling more secure in who I was and I experienced more freedom instead of restriction, connection instead of isolation, and love instead of fear.

That changed everything.

It was the beginning of my adventure living and working abroad for close to three years and the start of my venture into entrepreneurship.

I am far from the person I was years ago and despite the challenges going off the beaten track entails, it has been so very worth it.

Ready to join me?