Years ago, I went on a business retreat before I even had a business. I knew I wanted more than going through the motions working for someone else. I wanted to feel more connected to my purpose and to feel more joy instead of seeking wine and chocolate to add sweetness to my bitter-tasting life. I was tired of living in the land of confusion, reading all the books about purpose, identifying my strengths, personality, skills.

I went on this retreat looking for clarity and direction. I learned some new information but I didn’t gain new insights on my next steps or a new path.


The retreat was designed from the head. How to logically move forward in business. While that’s great, it wasn’t what I needed. I already spent a lot of time in my head, analyzing, questioning, reading, researching, which kept me stuck, confused, and frustrated.

I needed guidance on how to connect with my heart as that is where your purpose lives.

When I got support that helped me go deeper into my heart and explore what my heart vs my head truly desired my path became clearer.

I quit my well-paying, ‘respectable’ job, took a job teaching in Mexico and then as an educational consultant in Costa Rica, which led me to pursue my coaching certification.

I knew I wanted to help women who had been on a similar path – striving for success, searching for something more fulfilling, tired of feeling frustrated with their work and then numbing out afterward with alcohol and sweets.

A woman who wanted to learn a new way to live and work, to have richer relationships, create new experiences, and taste how sweet life can really be.

I decided to create the program I had been seeking but was nowhere to be found – a 45-day Intimate Group Experience: MasterSpirit Awakened Heart Relationship Adventure – from stressing, second-guessing, and disconnecting to progressing with clarity and confidence, reclaiming your true voice and desires, and being deeply connected to your heart, purpose, and God to walk your unique divine path with grace.

The adventure begins on November 9, 2021. You are invited. DM me for details.