You Can’t Screw it Up…

No matter how many programs and coaches you’ve invested in and not seen results… 😳

I know sometimes we think we need to follow all the “rules” for growing a business.

You did all the work your coach suggested yet you didn’t get results.

It’s so frustrating, discouraging, and hurts the heart, not to mention the ego. 🤨

The truth is that many of those “rules” are wrong.

What if you stopped beating yourself up, acknowledged what you learned, and then let it go?

It sounds so easy, right?

I get that it isn’t so easy in practice. Sometimes when you want it to work so badly, it’s hard to let go when you’ve invested all this time and money and it didn’t work.


Because… I’ll speak from my own experience here…

…I was afraid I would never figure it out…

..which made me want to have more control, which is what led me to seek out yet another strategy…

… and then when that didn’t work, I felt ashamed and embarrassed and thought something was seriously wrong with me.☹️

None of that helped my situation or changed anything… it just made me feel worse.

When I was willing to let go of my bruised ego, I could then look at my situation more objectively and  seek to understand the lesson. I saw that what I had been taught by my previous coach was misaligned.

You see many coaches rush to apply their strategy to your situation. The issue with this is you are not them, duh. Yet, the easy approach is to hand over their system to you.

What often happens is you feel like a fraud because it’s not your system AND since it’s not YOUR system, it doesn’t work as well for you as it did for them.

You’re left thinking it’s you when it actually isn’t.

There is NOTHING wrong with you. 😊

What you were taught was wrong.

As you let the guilt and shame go, you can move forward to work with a mentor who will guide you to create YOUR perfect system based on your UNIQUE gifts.

This creates confidence and authority. Bye bye imposter syndrome! 😉

How do you do that?

By working with a mentor who will help you take off the scripted mask of who you thought you needed to be and what you thought you needed to do in order to run a successful coaching practice.

When you do, you can then see yourself, your process, and your business through Quantum Eyes, which allows you to SEE beyond even your most ambitious goals to the clients, work, and business you are truly CALLED to serve.

What happens then is your dream clients reach out TO you. This has happened for both me and for my clients, which has resulted in $1500, $2000, and up to and beyond $10,000 sales.

You see you are MEANT to create great impact and wealth FROM your spiritual gifts, which lie hidden behind the scripted mask and which require Quantum Eyes to truly be SEEN.

When you make this shift, you fully own the TRUTH that you will PROFIT from everything and KNOW that all those strategies that didn’t work were simply guiding you to your TRUE work.

It’s time to RISE, baby. 👑