And How You Can Change That so You Can Get a $10k Full Pay Sale From One Email…

…AND Use All That Writing In a Book to Become a Published Author

I have to admit, I am a content creation queen. I love writing. 

However, writing for applause or attention is much different than writing for money. 😳

If you are a coach, consultant, or therapist and you are writing to attract clients into your practice, you need to be writing for money, not accolades.

Being the good student I am, I studied copywriting and marketing from a variety of coaches. I adapted my writing to their specific formula and thought, this will do the trick!

It didn’t. It was hit and miss, honestly. 

This created this internal conflict. I knew I could write well but something was seriously missing as I wasn’t attracting consistent clients – despite all my training and writing!

It was incredibly frustrating, especially after yet another five-figure investment with a coach that I thought for sure would be the answer. 🤨

It made me start to think I really sucked, which is not good for sales, either!

I started working with a different kind of mentor and I began to see what it was – that thing – that had been missing all along.

It was me. 😊

I was using someone else’s formula for writing AND I was selling what everyone else was selling AND I was talking about sales and business growth in the same way everyone else was.

And, how exactly were they all (myself included) talking about it?

It wasn’t specific to anyone. (Increase your sales, attract ideal clients, anyone?)  I was telling vs showing. My posts were like a long monologue. I was talking to myself about my client instead of to and with her. 😳

I didn’t know how to show my uniqueness, nor what it was about my clients that was unique.

Cue the Charlie Brown teacher voice here. All noise, no signal. 😕

How did I change this?

I discovered what it was about me that was different – that I really knew people and could connect with them and see their relationship with themselves and their desires.


What was unique about my strategy because it can’t be just $10k-$20+ months. EVERYONE is selling that in the online coaching space.

What makes my strategy unique is that I dig into my clients’ unique story and then use that for them to become a published author in an anthology book series AND match that story with their dream, “celebrity,” clients so that they write their story in a way that would have their dream clients not only want to read it, but also become obsessed with them and reach out to work with them. 

While I work with my clients on uncovering their story, we discover that special thing they do in their business with their clients that no one else does, where it came from, and how to use it to leverage their unique sales skills through their writing. 

As we do this, we start to transform their relationship with money and their desires as they learn to write to their dream clients in such a way that has them already wanting to work with them. This translates to them understanding they don’t have to work 24/7 and launch all the time. They begin to believe it can be so much easier than they had imagined.

When I made this shift, I wrote one email that resulted in a $10k full pay sale. That kind of easy. 😉