(on how I quadrupled my income when I went ALL IN on ME… and created $10k sales and client work I LOVE ❤️)

…you can too, btw. 😉

I have walked away from many GREAT “opportunities.” 

Many people thought I was crazy. Much of my family was disappointed. 

It wasn’t easy by any means. Doubts crept in to tell me maybe they were right, maybe I WAS crazy after all. 😳

Yet, somehow I forged ahead.


I KNEW there was something MORE for me…than getting by, struggling, following the traditional path.

Because, to be honest, the conventional path never felt right to me. 

I’ve always been a rebel – a high-achieving one who craved adventure… 😎

This led me to leave a highly-paid well-respected job at one of the largest nonprofits in Denver, where I was managing 12 staff in four different school districts. 

I was on the path to career growth. I should be happy, right?

Well, something was missing…

Passion. ❤️

I was disconnected from myself and my desires and the future didn’t excite me at all. 

I was courageous enough to do something about it – despite disappointing others.

I took a chance on me and my dream to do my life differently – to do it my way.

I left that well paid highly respected position to teach at an international school in Mexico and then in Costa Rica. 😊

And then…

… I did it again!

I pursued coaching full time and quit teaching at two universities – giving up that “status” and giving myself my own status, validation, and approval (which is what we’re really seeking anyway, btw).

And when I did, I quadrupled my income. 😊

And sales felt natural.

And the client work was engaging and energizing and life giving.

What changed?

I committed to me, to trusting myself and knowing my gifts were meant to be shared.

And, that my work was powerful and valuable, and that this was my calling, and as such, it was impossible to fail because everything can be used FOR me – every no, every doubt, every stumbling block – it was simply showing me what I needed to adjust, where I needed to grow, and confirmed my resolve and determination to succeed no matter what. 👑

That translated into believing 100% in my offer which allowed me to send a casual email to a colleague to share my program which turned into a $10k full pay sale…

… doing work I LOVE guiding her to become a published author, develop her writing and storytelling skills to become a better writer, and share her story in an anthology, all while connecting that story to the clients she is MEANT to serve so they reach out to work with her, increasing her reach and visibility to grow her practice, and elevate her credibility and authority to become a highly sought after expert in her field. 💎

What did I learn?

No one can do what you do in the way that you do it.

No one has your exact experiences. 

No one has walked your path. 

No one looks at the world in the way that you do and can make the unique connections you can. 

No one has the exact desires you do. 

What you chose to do also chose you. 😊

When you own and embrace that, your path becomes clear.

You know the work you are here to do and who you are meant to serve and how.

That inner knowing will drive you to perform and operate at higher levels because you will see it is much bigger than you.  

And, then you will experience that EFFORTLESSNESS in business and sales you’ve been craving for so long.

It DOES exist.

Are you ready to create it? 😉