And elevate your visibility and increase your sales while you’re at it…

.I’ve always been a prolific writer so in the early stages of my business, I thought, I’ll write for other sites so I can get my message out and reach more people. I submitted a few articles to a few sites but it didn’t turn into people reaching out wanting to work with me as I had hoped. 🤨 What?!

.Can you relate?

.You love writing and using writing as a tool to share insights into the transformative power of your work with the desire to reach and serve more people.

.And, as much as you are writing, well, let’s just say, you have books worth of material. 😉

.Writing a book HAS crossed your mind MANY times but the whole idea ends up overwhelming you. Where would you start? What is the core message you want to share? How do you organize everything? Where do you find the time to do it?

.So you go back to writing posts and articles, stuffing that dream of becoming a published author away once again. 😕

.That’s exactly where I was too.

.I was writing constantly to share my message and mission with the world…

..Wanting to write a book but not sure where to even start.

.Well, why not start with ONE chapter?

.I was working with a writing coach who had published 16 anthologies and he invited me to become his business partner in a new anthology series on Awakening the Creative Genius and I thought, PERFECT, I can write ONE chapter to get me started on that book (books!) I want to write… and even better, I get to help my clients do the same! 😊

.The best part is that core story my clients share in their chapter becomes the fuel for their marketing as we leverage the unique parts of their story that connect with their signature system of transformation AND their dream clients so that their writing is not only serving their clients, it is also fulfilling their purpose in reaching a broader audience and helping more people.

They receive support and guidance in their writing and we use the story they are writing for the anthology in their marketing so they are boosting their sales at the same time.

.We elevate their authority by guiding them to become a published author alongside other experts in the personal development arena and increase their visibility by aligning the story they are writing for the book to align in such a way that their dream clients reach out to work with them.


.By uncovering the deeper story through guided inner inquiry to unveil your creative genius and the role it plays in your sales, business, and transformational process. 

.We guide you in an intuitive writing process so the true message you are meant to share comes through. 

.We then refine your story so it speaks directly to your dream, even celebrity, clients so that they want to read it, become obsessed and want to read everything you’ve created, and know they must work with you, and only you. 🌟

.It’s not just about your story, it’s about owning your authority in your work, process, sales, and creative genius.