NEVER having seen a Chanel bag (or anything designer for that matter!), to my first $10,300 cash month! 🙂 … (with only 3 sales)

(just a bit of Inspiration & Motivation…)

I grew up with a single mom for the first part of my life and then my mom married my stepdad who struggled on and off with unemployment (not to mention being bipolar but that’s a story for another post).

Needless to say, scarcity was the norm. 😳

My sister and I were “lucky” when we got to shop at KMart. (even as a kid, you knew these weren’t nice clothes.)

And, me being the younger daughter, often got hand me downs instead of my own clothes. 😕

Living a nice lifestyle and making good money seemed a far off dream or an alternate reality that I didn’t have access to.

I knew that working hard was required and that, no matter how much you worked or how many jobs you had (my mom worked full time and at various points in my childhood, picked up a second job to work at night), you would still be struggling to get by so forget about buying something nice just because.

I learned to dismiss my desires and often felt “guilty” for wanting a pair of jeans and shamed into thinking wanting more meant I was ungrateful.

It was all very confusing. 😳

I was a sensitive child and quite intuitive.

I could tune into to what was going on for people and what they really wanted (which, of course, developed from not experiencing much of this).

I strove to excel, was an avid reacher, loved learning, and was incredibly active, choosing to spend as much time outdoors as possible to remove myself from the stress of my home.

I earned my masters degree and got a decent job working for a youth program for Goodwill and both my sister and my mom asked if I got a discount to shop at Goodwill.

Scarcity runs deep, you see. 😲

I excelled at my job, grew the program tremendously, secured new contracts for the organization, and moved up the ranks, increasing my income and position.

However, despite making “decent” money, I rarely bought anything nice just for me. It was a big deal for me to spend $250 on cowboy boots. 👩🏽‍🌾

When I started my own business, I still held back from pleasurable spending.

What I discovered was I was still SEEING myself through the lens of my family and upbringing.

I needed QUANTUM EYES in order to see who I truly was – what I deeply desired and what was possible for me – BEYOND what I saw all around me.

This required a deep excavation of my genius and then an even deeper integration of my genius into WHO I am, what I DO, and HOW I do it, which led to the creation of my unique QUANTUM VISION process.

I could SEE who I was meant to serve doing what only I could, which made sales EASY.

I went from barely getting by working three side jobs while working on my business to working full time in my business, working fewer hours, hitting my first $10k month, and buying my first Givenchy perfume just for me.

Oui oui!

C’est la vie! 🥂

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