I hired a coach who said she could help with my copywriting so my opt-ins and videos would convert.

We then went to work creating a 3 day challenge which required 10 days of promotion that included videos, posts, and emails. 

,This was a five-figure investment and despite doing TWO 3-day challenges with all the requisite promotion, changing titles, optins, and the whole she-bang,  I made ZERO sales. 😕

Can you feel me?

t has to be one of the most frustrating and discouraging experiences ever. 

I thought something must be really wrong with me to invest at that level and still not have progressed as I desired. Talk about embarrassing! 🙄 Not to mention the shame around more debt! 

What I realized was…

There was nothing wrong with me…whew! : )

It was that the words don’t matter so much when you aren’t tapped into your creative genius.

Because what happens is you end up saying what everyone else is saying in the same way everyone else is saying it. You aren’t differentiating yourself in what it is you do nor how you do it nor are you speaking to one specific person. 

When I got the right support to uncover my genius, I could then see what was unique about how I guided my clients and who those REAL clients were. ✨

My clients were coaches and therapists who had been in business for a few years, and they were writers who had a dream of becoming a published author and leveraging their book in their business to attract even higher level clients into their practice and to set themselves apart from the crowd.

But the book writing, publishing, and marketing felt like one thing too much so they pushed it off. 

Yet, that longing to get their work into a bound and published print format wouldn’t go away. They knew it was important to their work and for their business and clients. And, they KNEW, it was a vital component of their true calling. 

How do I help them?

I guide them to write a chapter in an anthology as a starting point in their book writing journey through an intuitive writing process. 

We dig deeper into their story through guided inner inquiry to discover their genius in their unique transformational process which elevates their business and, we refine their writing in such a way that their dream clients reach out asking to work with them. 

They get to become a published author, know what it takes to write a book, AND leverage it all to increase their sales and attract more clients into their practice.

We amp up their visibility and authority by not only becoming a published author, but also by aligning with 11 other experts in the personal development field as part of the anthology – which just so happens to be on Awakening the Creative Genius! 

The best part is through our work together in my unique proces, they transform their relationship with their desires and money. They start to see they can have what they truly desire and that it can be much easier than they ever imagined. 

That is the power of awakening your creative genius.  💎