…and how it all connects to your UNIQUE creative GENIUS…so you can STOP doing #allthethings in your business and only do YOUR thing 💎

 “It’s never enough for you, Kori.”

An ex-boyfriend told me this as we were talking one day. 

What? What is he talking about, I thought. I am not a high maintenance girlfriend at all. I am totally laid back. 😳

He was right, though, as much as I didn’t want to admit it. 

It didn’t matter how much he loved me, it would never fill me up. 

Not because he was a bad boyfriend. He was an amazing boyfriend – kind, loving, funny, thoughtful, passionate. 

It wasn’t his love I was seeking.

It was mine.

Because it’s not about how much HE loves you, it’s about how much YOU love you. And when that is lacking, no amount of love from others, external validation, praise or approval will ever be enough. 

This shows up a lot when you are growing your business, particularly with money.

You want to grow to the next level in your business but it feels like no matter how much you do – how many opt-ins your create, how many challenges you offer, how much you write, and how much you tweak your copy and marketing – you’re not getting to those $20k+ months that you desire… and it’s just so frustrating, not to mention, incredibly exhausting.

You just want to do it all differently. You’re tired of following all the rules and doing all the things that are “needed” to grow your business. 

You want to be more creative in how you do it and freer to do it your own UNIQUE way. You have this deeper calling to share your message in a bigger way… in a book even… and realize your desire to become a published author.

But how? It seems like too much already. 🤨

It is possible. It is simpler than you think. And it will require something much different.

The truth is no amount of money will ever be enough when it is used as a measure of your worth – $20k months need to be $30k and then $50k and then $100k and all the while you’ll continue feeling insecure worrying how to maintain it, which prevents you from even enjoying it.


Because it was created from insecurity and a need to PROVE you are good enough and that perpetuates the cycle of seeking the next level and believing THEN you’ll be good enough and feel secure but you never get there, despite how much money you are making.

Money is not a reflection of your worth. It is a reflection of your relationship with yourself. When you love and trust yourself, money comes easily and STAYS. When you doubt yourself, money feels scarce (even when you’re making millions of dollars) because you have cut yourself off from your divine nature. 

When you are happy no matter what, money hangs around. When you demand money in order to be happy or to prove you have something of value to offer, money runs away – much like the boyfriend did. ☹️

So what do you do?

You uncover your UNIQUE creative genius and integrate it into who you are and what you do in your business and with your clients. 


By being guided to dig deeper into your story and to share that story in a book… on the creative genius. And, then to LEVERAGE the story you are writing for the book in your marketing so that  your DREAM clients become obsessed with you and know they MUST work with you.

It’s all connected. Your relationship with men and money is connected to your relationship with your desires and visibility. (Which is connected to your business and sales, of course.)

When you see yourself AS your creative genius, you transform these relationships because you ELEVATE your relationship with YOU. You are then SEEN differently and this is what has your dream clients reach out asking to work with you – and sales come more easily. You see you can have what you want without all the sacrifice. Hallelujah. 🌟

You increase yur sales WHILE becoming a published author…because why would you do it anyone else’s way when you can do it YOUR unique way?