… on how I got asked for a $2500 full pay sale…that wasn’t from emailing my list or posting on social media…

AND, why it has EVERYTHING to do with your relationship with YOU

Even though I had a master’s degree and was teaching at the university, instead of going all in on my business, I defaulted to doubt and decided to wait tables while I built my business.

I was emailing my list and posting on social media consistently but wasn’t enrolling clients like the coach in my coaching program said would surely happen. 😕 When, I thought? Is there some special tipping point I have to hit for the number of emails sent and number of posts shared before I can make a sale? I mean, come on already!

Here I was waiting tables with an advanced degree working on selling my services as a coach – it created a lot of internal conflict.

I thought, who is going to hire me? I am waiting tables for crying out loud. 😳

I dismissed my bachelors and masters degree, my coach training and certification, and all the experiences and previous work I had done in coaching and leading teams as meaningless because I was now waiting tables. Because, you know, that inner critic is LOUD.

When you are in that low of a state, you become vulnerable to the wrong type of men, too.

One of the cooks at the restaurant started paying attention to me and apparently I was so starved for attention that I looked past the many red flags and got involved with him.

Reg flags such as supposedly being separated from his wife but still sharing the same apartment with her. ☹️

He stopped by my house one day on the way to a national soccer game. I realized I had never seen him in anything but “work” clothes. When I saw him walk up, I was taken aback. 

This was not me at all. He had on bright white high top sneakers, big baggy long shorts, a Chivas soccer jersey, and a baseball hat that was slightly tilted to one side.

Who have I become? I thought to myself. 

Don’t get me wrong. I respect everyone’s choices in fashion but he didn’t match the picture in my head of the man I knew I wanted to be with. I wanted someone who was on a path to better his life and further his career. And, I wanted a luxurious life, if I’m being totally honest. 👑

Around the same time, I was offering my coaching to a colleague who worked with me at the restaurant for $36 an hour!

The types of clients you attract show you who you are – the same with the types of men you attract. 😉

The relationship worsened and he chose to treat me like garbage, which must have been how I felt about myself! Ugh. 

I left work one night and I heard myself asking myself – what are you doing? What is going on that you have stooped so low to accept this kind of treatment? 

I was settling for leftover crumbs when my heart longed for a five-star, five-course meal with intellectually stimulating conversation, passion, respect, and love. 

I realized how I was in that relationship was being reflected in my business. How can I grow a thriving practice when …

Wake up call, anyone?! 😁

As I chose what I truly desired in a relationship – honesty, respect, similar values, and a shared vision for the future, my business started to shift too.

I attended a writing to heal your body workshop in town and while there, a woman approached me and asked for my business card.

I didn’t have any so I got her information and she ended up enrolling in my 90 day program, paying $2500 in full. 😃

I didn’t email my list or post on social media. I allowed myself to be ME.

When I raised my standards everywhere, the relationship with the “bad” man faded away AND I raised my rates in my program, attracted high achieving clients who paid in full, did the work, and took action on my guidance.

And it kept growing and my rates kept rising from there as did my romantic relationship.

I attracted an ambitious, responsible, honest, kind, attractive, intelligent, and successful man into my life who would eventually become my husband. ❤️

You can transform your relationship with money and men AND your desires, like I did. 


When you transform your relationship with yourself to see what makes you YOU is what makes you the ONLY coach for your clients – and when you own that – your clients will find you EVERYWHERE – even when you’re a participant at a workshop!

So you can bust out of the biz growth rules and do it YOUR way, which really IS the ONLY way.