Follow your heart and let go of the ‘right’ way.

The only ‘right’ way is the way that lifts you up, gives you energy, and brings you joy.

And this way often won’t be socially acceptable and may look crazy to many people. Lean into you. Trust your heart more than your head. Steel your faith. 

When you commit to altering your way of being to resonate at a higher frequency, you will naturally attract your true desires. In this state, you are connected to your higher self vs the wounded self.

The wounded self desires to stay small, safe, play the victim, want to be rescued, check out, numb out, settle for quiet desperation, low-grade depression, live below their true potential, and let their dreams die inside them. This makes them less than the person they desire to be. Their relationship with themselves turns abusive and distrustful. They hold back in their relationships, afraid of intimacy because if people saw who they really were and how screwed up they are, they would leave them. They settle for work that doesn’t fill their soul or bank account well which keeps them in a constant state of struggle and striving. They isolate out of shame and embarrassment. 

When the wounded self is running the show, it is quite literally, a shit show. That isn’t who you are meant to be.

You are powerful beyond belief. You aren’t a victim. You don’t need to play it safe or play small. You don’t need rescuing. You are pure source energy. The energy that creates and transforms worlds.

That energy begins within. That is where it is shaped and molded by your thoughts and beliefs. 

When you think high-level thoughts, and hold high-level beliefs, you naturally take high-level actions. You raise your standards for how you treat yourself and how you let others treat you. You create and cultivate high-level relationships. You operate at a high-level, love at a high-level, and live at a high-level. Your body, mind, soul, and life evolve as a natural reflection of your own high-level evolution.

High-level living. High-level you.

Body Mind Soul Evolution: Three Proven Tools to Increase Intuition, Boost Confidence, Elevate Your Energy, and Uplevel Your Life