Sit cross-legged, spine straight, reach out your hands and interlock them with your mediation partner. Look into their eyes and meditate on oneness. Continue for 62 minutes.

What? 62 minutes? You’re kidding me. Holding my arms out and sitting cross-legged for over an hour. No way. My mind went haywire with how ridiculous this was. 

Yet, I began anyway.

I connected to my breath. I adjusted my body to release the tension in my shoulders on multiple occasions. I released the number of minutes from my mind. It would visit me when I would feel the pain and strain of maintaining the posture. I heard these words in my mind – ‘You are supported. Stop forcing it. Let go.’ 

I came back to my breath, envisioning my chest and back supporting my arms. I connected to my core to gain strength and my breath to sustain me.

This was one of the five 62 minute meditations I completed in the White Tantric Yoga workshop. Yes, five. 

What I found interesting was that one of the most challenging aspects was the uncertainty – how long has it been, how much longer, can I make it, is it almost over?

It made me think about life and how much of our lives we live in that state of being – how much longer is this going to last, can I make it, do I have what it takes, will I succeed in this? 

Often this is when we are going through a particularly challenging period in our lives and the uncertainty of its ending starts to gnaw away at us.

Will I ever get a job? Will I ever pay off my debt? Will I ever get over this loss? Will I ever be in a long-term loving relationship? Will I ever feel truly happy? Will I ever feel good in my body? Will I ever feel ok with me? 

You don’t know how long this period will last and it can drive you mad. You so desperately want to know when it will end. If only you knew that in a month or six months, things would turn around, you could handle your current situation with more faith and grace.

The thing is it WILL turn around. It will. It may take longer than you desire but it will turn around. Often what makes it take longer is our resistance to lean into what we are going through. What is needed is to increase our faith that we are supported and to let go. 

When I was going through a significant loss and most days included episodes of such incredible emotional pain, I wasn’t sure if there was an end to the grief. At times, it was hard to imagine what it would be like to be on the other side.

I let myself feel it all, as scary and overwhelming as it was. I sought support and I took steps to support myself with activities that felt nurturing. Day after day, week after week, and eventually the darkness lifted. I still felt the hole in my heart and the loss in my life but it no longer WAS my life. I learned new skills and tools to build myself anew. I didn’t put a timeline on my healing. I honored the process and took it easy. This was no time to get out the whip and bully me into getting it together already.

Yet we often do that with other challenges. Come on. Figure it out, get going, step it up. 

We neglect to honor everything has its own perfect evolutionary period. Each challenge is honing us and shaping us and sometimes we may need quite a bit of that. 

What if we could trust ourselves enough to allow ourselves the space and time required to heal and move forward to the next right place instead of pushing, rushing, and worrying about when we will get there?

How much of our lives are spent wanting to just “get it over with”? What if the very thing we want to get over is the very thing we need to lean into?

As I followed my breath and let go, my arms felt lighter. They were no longer these heavy things I had to keep suspended in mid-air. They were simply energy. When the instructor guided us to raise our arms to come out of the meditation, I thought to myself, Wow, that was 62 minutes? That was fast! 

What can you do today to stop forcing yourself to be somewhere you aren’t even though you deeply desire that next level of progression? 

You will get a great job. You will pay off your debt. You will heal from your losses. You will be with the perfect partner for you and feel profound love. You will experience a state of contentment and satisfaction, and even joy. You will feel comfortable and confident in your own skin. You will love you completely. You will be the true you.

Trust yourself and trust in the process. It is guiding you and supporting you in becoming who you are truly meant to be. That is not something to be rushed. 



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