“When does it get to be easy? It’s such a slog.”

I was having coffee with a good friend last night and we were discussing life’s twists and turns. 

This morning, I was listening to a lecture by Wayne Dyer and he talked about falling and it brought me back to our conversation. 

He said that we are afraid to fall, we think it is the worst possible thing but in actuality, it is exactly what is needed in order to rise. The fall is preparing us for what is coming and gives us the opportunity to generate the energy to get to the next level. When you can see that you can’t get to that next level without falling first, you can shift your relationship with falling. The fall is what shapes us into the person we are truly meant to be – more resilient, kinder, stronger, more compassionate, more grounded and aware, and ultimately, more godlike. 

How can you see the fall as perfect? As exactly what you need to get to where you deeply desire to go? How can you see what it is providing for you? That it is your strength, not your demise? 

My friend is in the thick of it, wrestling with some serious inner demons. These demons must be dealt with and cast out so she can step into the life she truly desires and be the woman she is meant to be. Once she shifts her relationship with the slog and sees it is working for her, not against her, she can reclaim her power in creating the dream that has, as of yet, remained elusive. 

When you are in the middle of a storm in your life, it is easy to get sucked into the storm, to focus on the storm, to question why you are experiencing this storm, to curse the storm. 

What you are doing is giving more energy to the storm and it only gets stronger. This cycle will repeat until you make the decision to change it. You must completely transform your relationship with the storm. It is not to be feared. It is actually guiding you to exactly where you need to be. 

Surrender your desires. Release your need to control everything. Bolster your faith. 

Trust that somehow this is all perfect and will work out perfectly for you. When you give more energy to the joy, appreciation, gratitude, freedom, and empowerment you will feel having risen out of the storm as a new person than you give to the fear, anxiety, and worry that the storm will never end, the storm can dissipate more quickly than you ever imagined. 

You must shift your focus. You must command your energy. You must be vigilant in not allowing a single unwanted belief or thought to enter into your consciousness and to instead, cultivate absolute conviction in your prayers already being answered. Then you must live in that state of being. Right NOW.

As we talked about her allowing herself to feel her dream as real, I got goosebumps. I could see and feel it. I knew it as the truth. 

Always give more power to the truth than to the lies that work to keep you down. 

Know your desire as realized, know yourself as the person who realized their desires, and walk boldly into the day prepared to encounter opportunities, people, and situations that are there to guide you along the way.

You are not alone. You are not meant to spend your life in suffering. 

You are worthy of all your desires and beyond. Allow yourself to receive. 

Step into appreciation. Step into joy. 

Celebrate your genuine heart and soul desires for waking you up and calling you to the true you. You are more than equipped to overcome every obstacle and to emerge as the victor, again and again. 

You are already victorious.