You crave doing the work of your soul, not this grind you find yourself in. This grind that you convinced yourself was necessary in order to receive approval and validation. 

You bought into the allure of conformity – it’s easier that way – follow these steps to success and then you’ll feel ok with you and your life. 

Only it didn’t work for you. 

You got the advanced degrees and training and kept moving up. Each move up got you accolades which fed your need for belonging yet at the same time it ate a little piece of your soul. You see, you kept disconnecting from yourself. You sold yourself a false set of goods and now you’re left empty-handed. 

You’ve lost your passion and joy. You feel empty inside. You know you “should” feel happy. You have a good job, a good family and friends, you’re healthy overall. It’s just this nagging inside that won’t go away. 

This hole in your soul can’t be filled with everyday distractions. It requires all of you. 

Part of you is afraid. What if there is no end to this discontent? Am I always going to be just a bit unhappy – isn’t that how everyone feels? Aren’t I just supposed to suck it up? Book a vacation or go shopping? 

You’ve done these things and they don’t work. It’s a temporary fix to a deeper issue. 

You don’t want to live this life just getting by, doing your time, numbing yourself. You want to experience the joy of  meaningful work that is the true reflection of your soul and you want to be well paid for it while having rich relationships, engaging in activities that light you up, all while having incredible health. 

This isn’t a pipedream. It is the desire written on your heart. It isn’t merely a fantasy either, which means it will require work beyond simply imagining it. 

This work will test you and challenge you in a whole new way as it ultimately hones you into the person you are truly meant to be so that you can have all that you truly desire and beyond. 

When you want to have it all, you must be willing to give it your all. 

No matter how scary, uncertain, unpopular, or inconvenient. 

Are you ready to be all in?

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