“I thought I was good. I had been practicing and refining my techniques.  Then my mentor said I wasn’t doing it right and was too in my head. Why am I doing this? Why did I decide to run my own business? It’s so much work. “

One of my business colleagues called me yesterday. She was wrestling with anxiety and fear around her business. As I heard her voice cracking on the verge of crying, I said, “isn’t it wonderful that this is happening? Isn’t it perfect?” She started laughing.

“Can you see this is exactly what you are calling out to be transformed and it is getting stirred up precisely because it is time to release it?”

It can be hard to see for ourselves when we are in the thick of it. We worked through it and she had completely transformed her energy, which transformed her situation.

When you are operating out of fear and worry, you are letting things and people outside of you manage your power. If things are going well in your business, you feel great. If things aren’t going so well, you feel like crap.

You are the common denominator.

When things are not going so well and we give in to doubt, disbelief, and despair, we give more energy to things not going well. We are actually acknowledging our defeat because we are letting this thing outside of us determine our sense of self, worth, and well-being.

When we can hold on to our sense of self and our power in the face of challenges, we are stating that this challenge will not define us nor defeat us. We are proclaiming that we determine our well-being and success, that we have the power to change our situation because we have the power to change the energy we bring to the situation.

When we bring the energy of possibility instead of doom, we are able to transmute the negative energy to work FOR us instead of letting it take us down.

And that energy is the energy that has the power to transform your situation completely. It is the energy of truth, of inner power, and of deep self-trust.

This is when you have to hold onto you, to bolster your faith, to dig the ditch to catch the rain even amidst a drought because you know, believe, and trust the rain is coming, despite outward appearances.

Our greatest lesson is in trusting ourselves again and again especially when everything within you wants to cut and run. That is exactly when you must hold on to yourself even more tightly, to know you will not abandon yourself or your dream, no matter how scary, uncomfortable, inconvenient, or unpopular it may be. This is the battle for the true you to emerge and she won’t do it until you trust her completely, 100%, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

When doubt, fear, and anxiety creep in, what will you do?

Will you take yourself out?


Will you hold yourself in such high regard that you know you can count on you, that you got your back, and that you will do whatever it takes to live as the highest expression of you?

It is always a choice and it is always up to you –

Rooting for you,


Are you ready to get out of the land of struggle and into the land of ease, alignment, and flow? You and your business are meant to thrive and to be the conduit through which your dreams come into realization. If you are ready to take the steps to live as the true you in every area of your life, let’s talk.