You don’t feel free, it’s not all that fun, and you’re losing your passion – and those are what instigated you to start your own coaching business in the first place. Now you just want to stay in bed, close your eyes, and make it all go away.

Where is that magic genie when you need him? (Hint: he is still there.)

Your coaching business not having the success you desire makes you feel even worse about yourself. Yes, you wanted freedom, fun, and impact but you also tied your worth and value to your business. It  was your ticket out of the land of worthlessness and into the grand palace

See, look at me, I’ve got this great business and great life. Do you see me now? Do you approve of me now? Do you like me now?

Now that your business is slowing down, you are turning on yourself – what’s wrong with me? Why isnt it working? Why is it so hard? What did I do wrong?

Your sense of self is going down the toilet but really it had been there all along.

There was a part of you that was afraid to be successful so it’s no wonder your business is struggling, you’re just proving your long held beliefs true – it isn’t safe to be successful. Yet at the same time, you are scared of losing your business as not would it show all of them that they were right all along – you were crazy to think you could be successful running your own business – it would also feel like losing a core part of you.

It’s screwed up. You want it, yet you’re afraid of it so you sabotage it yet you’re afraid of losing it, and at the same time you don’t even really believe you can have it.

No wonder you feel like a hot mess bound up in chains.

There is some major cleaning up to do.

Your whole operating system is defunct and full of bugs wreaking havoc on everything you do. It will continue to do so for as long as you continue to operate at this level of placing your worth and value outside of you.

What’s required is a complete overhaul.

And, of course, it starts with you and only you can do it.

It’s a little like Cinderella. You are a queen but all you see as you look around is evidence that you are merely a servant. So you act, think, and believe in accordance to your environment instead of knowing and holding the truth that you are, indeed, a queen.

In this case, the prince (genie)  that sees you are already a queen is within you.

As you believe it, without requiring proof, so shall you be.

A queen who commands her success and transforms her business and does it all with great pleasure.

This isn’t some airy-fairy, woo-woo, Disney special bullshit.

It’s the truth.

If you’re ready to turn your business around, let’s talk.