Stop apologizing. It isn’t necessary. Stop worrying about hurting other people’s feelings. You are not responsible for how other people receive what you say nor are you responsible for how other people experience you.


You are only responsible for you – for mastering your energy and for being in supreme integrity with your highest expression all the time, everywhere, and with everyone.


When you take 100% responsibility for you – your losses and gains, your successes and failures, for your state of being, worth, and value – the way you see the world shifts. You realize that no one and nothing has power over you and that is true for everyone, everywhere. It is not your job to save anyone or monitor yourself in order to not upset someone. That is not being the true you. That is your false self – the one who cares more about what others think of you than seeing the truth of who you are.


The truth is you are the only one who has the power to determine your internal state. Once you see that and do the work to master that, you become unshakeable. You hold yourself in high regard and speak your truth always, no matter what. No filtering. No censoring. No apologizing.


Your truth is meant to disrupt old patterns and shake things up so if people get stirred up by you, that is a good thing. You are calling them to wake up from their self-imposed numbness.


As this happens, you use that energy created from the disruption to continue to catalyze changes. Everything, everything, makes you stronger.


I recorded a video yesterday on this very topic. Check it out here.


I’d love to hear from you! What stood out for you and what changes are you committed to making?

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