“Bad luck” either makes a man or destroys him.


There is no such thing as bad luck honestly. However, if you have experienced significant losses, faced tremendous difficulties, or been stuck in what feels like an endless cycle of doubt, depression, and debt, it might feel like bad luck (I have been through all of these). It might even feel like the worst thing that has ever happened to you.


And this is where you have a choice – will you allow it to destroy you or will you allow it to be one of the greatest gifts?


I know this is challenging – probably one of the most challenging things to do, to be honest. Especially if you are in a place where it’s hard to see the way out. This is precisely when you must not ‘get out.’ This is where you actually need to dig in and go deeper. Because if you do right into fixing it, you miss the lesson in it.


Everything is always working FOR you, regardless of how it may appear. When you don’t allow yourself to explore what is happening on a deeper level, you are wiring your brain to continue to repeat this pattern. If you give yourself the strength and courage to see this differently and to choose to rewire your system, disrupt old patterns, and create a new way of being, you heal more than your current situation, you heal years of the neglect and mistreatment of your soul.


This experience is your soul asking you to wake up.  It is often major losses and intense challenges that are the very things required to wake us up.


Most people prefer the path of least resistance. As such, choosing the difficult road is not the first choice. This is why many people stay stuck in dissatisfying jobs, unfulfilling relationships, and less than great health.


It’s not great but it’s not quite bad enough to incite change. Until it is…


You lose your best friend to cancer. Your business is barely crawling along. Your debt is at an all-time high. Your arguments with your partner are worsening. Your body image and health is about in the toilet. Your self-doubt and self-dislike (loathing) are through the roof.


And you know you can’t go on like this. That living in this place is not living.


Resist the urge to immediately fix it. Instead of being critical of what you are going through and your response to it, be curious.


How is this actually perfect? How is all of this working FOR me?


Journal on this without restriction and allow whatever comes up to come up. Let your imagination, not your head to discover the gifts in this “mess.”


What you discover there is GOLD.


All destruction is in service of creation. Your soul is asking to be birthed anew, to take its rightful place as the driver of your life. Honor this process. The truth is now being revealed so that you can finally be free.


Awaken your heart. Ignite your spirit. Activate your soul genius. Set yourself free and RISE UP.


I invite you to reach out to me if you are stuck in that old pattern of struggle and deeply desire to be free – free to be aligned with your soul genius, to be living in alignment with your truth, to work from a place of divine power and highest service,  and to be the YOUEST you, fully, unapologetically, confidently, courageously, and abundantly.


That is my gifting – guiding my clients back to their TRUE radiant, abundant, magnificent soul. If you’re ready to step into the true you – confident, powerful, prosperous, wise, wealthy, and peaceful, set up your call here:



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