Being willing to walk away from a $30,000 contract.

In my previous career, I worked with school district superintendents, school administrators, and large foundations. It was my job to expand the reach of our career and post-secondary preparation services into more schools and districts.

In one meeting to discuss the continuation of our services in the school, the principal came up with a handful of reasons it would be difficult to allocate money to our program. I strongly believed in our program. I had directly taught it and helped create the curriculum. I had seen the impact on students and schools of our services.

It wasn’t about the money. It was about what would be made available to the students and the school as a result of our programs. It was about the transformation that would occur, which is beyond any monetary value. I knew this to be true.

Equipping students with the skills and tools to direct their futures with self-awareness, confidence, and self-belief would absolutely change the trajectory not only of the school but also of the local economy. More students would choose a career that aligned with their unique capabilities and interests which meant more students would continue their education beyond high school. This meant a more educated workforce which meant less strain on social services and a more thriving economy. There is no price for the value of teaching students to advocate for themselves and to go after their dreams with the full knowledge of what would be required of them.

My firm belief in the value of what we were offering meant I was also willing to walk away if a school didn’t place value in the transformation of their students and community. As such, almost every school got creative and resourceful in order to help fund our programs.

The same is true for your business. You have to believe so strongly in the transformation you are offering that you can walk away if it’s not the right client. It isn’t about the number of sessions, the length of time, the content, etc. While that is a part of it, what your client is paying for is the transformation that will occur as a result of working with you.  That is something that is beyond the investment they make in your services.

Transformation doesn’t follow a linear path nor does it follow a set trajectory of time. It’s not like learning a skill – such as music or language – where it requires months if not years to become proficient.

Don’t get me wrong. It does require dedication, determination, and passion all the time but one insight does have the power to dramatically change your entire life. That is the power of coaching. It provides you with the space to be in the transformation at such a high level that who you are being is continually being refined. When you do that, your outside circumstances adjust to meet your elevated inner state.

So it isn’t an exchange of dollars for sessions, ever. It is an exchange of energy. An investment of money and time for the opportunity to transform your business, your money, your relationships, and your health because it is ALL connected. Your business is a reflection of your life, of you. Once you bring your business into alignment with your soul’s genius and prosperity, everything else in your life adjusts to match it.

What is that kind of transformation worth to you? To live a life of great significance, unlimited abundance, divine power, absolute truth, and incredible freedom? To me, that is priceless.

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