This weekend I invested my time in a workshop that I ultimately didn’t get that much out of. As I was driving home from the workshop, I asked myself, how can I improve my alignment so that my time and energy is spent on activities and people who light me up.


I thought through some questions I can ask when I’m making decisions to help guide me.


My new favorite decision-making tool:


Does this choice or decision:

1 – Lead to or contribute to more joy?

2 – Come from faith and love?

3 – Lead to or contribute to my ascension and the elevation of my vibration?

4 – Align with my truth?

5 – Feed my soul and my business positively?


At the workshop, the speaker said that people should take whatever job and I felt an immediate misalignment in what she was saying. I wrote in my notebook what my truth is – that it doesn’t matter what you choose, it is the energy with which you choose it that matters.

Are you choosing the job out of fear? Fear that it is your only option? Fear that you won’t make it without this job?


Are you choosing the job out of faith and love? Faith that it is the job that will help you get in a good place for the next job. Faith that it will lead you to something greater – whether that be personally, financially, or spiritually.


Any choice made out of fear will simply lead to more fear. With more fear comes stress, anxiety, despair, discouragement, resignation. It is a low energy vibration.


This part of the workshop is what inspired me to write the five questions to make more aligned decisions. I want to ensure  I am choosing from a place of love and faith, truth, and joy.


What decisions are you making right now? How are you making those decisions? I encourage you to put these five questions to use for you!


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