Get used to disappointment


I had this taped to my mirror when I was in high school. It was from the movie, A Princess Bride. I thought it was great advice. #angstyteen


The problem is when you get used to disappointment, you perpetuate disappointment.


And that is exactly what happened to me. I would set unrealistic expectations, thus setting myself up for disappointment, thus confirming this belief as true. Within this was the attachment to the way it was meant to look instead of the openness to how it would evolve.


The gift in this is that it propelled me to excel in academics, athletics, and many achievements. While this is not a bad thing at all, the drive was coming from a place of misalignment. I was trying to prove myself in all the wrong ways.


I now see that this drive must come from within and with a solid belief in your inherent worth no matter what may happen, what you may achieve, or what you may or may not accomplish. I also discovered the importance of letting go of how it should look and to instead trust that when I hold onto the highest vision for my life loosely, I allow for what I desire to come to me in the best form possible, whether it looks like what I imagined or even better.


Now, I can release the disappointment and I can recognize that with the shadow side comes the light side. If I am disappointing or disappointed, there must also be acceptance, success, admiration, and pride.


There will be disappointments and there will be successes. That is the nature of life and the nature of being human. You are both the darkness and the light.


When you release the shame attached to the darkness, you experience a newfound freedom, a lightness, as you enter the realm of the truth. You move away from proving and disproving and into a place of unlimited possibility, pure power, incredible transformation, high-level activation, elevation, and expansiveness. What this means for your business is a whole new level of success.


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