As I was driving to South High School to volunteer this morning,  I could feel an uneasiness, a restlessness brewing inside me. Right at that moment, Irene Cara’s “What a Feeling” came on the radio. The words resonated with me like they never had before. “First, when there’s nothing but a slow glowing dream that your fear seems to hide deep inside your mind.” I know what I want, that dream, but my fear likes to keep me trapped in my head, analyzing.


“What a feeling. Being’s believing I can have it all.” That part hit me. Being IS believing I can have it all. Being is Believing. You have to BE it, first. You have to be it when there is no indication of anything changing and you can’t see the way forward. You have to be it when fear has its tight grip on you. You have to be it when you start to lose faith. You have to be it because that is who you are. You are your dream. You are everything little and big thing you have ever desired. You have to be it NOW before your dreams become reality. You have to know that being it is your only option, whether anything changes or not, you are it anyway.


When you hold on to this being that you are at your core, things will indeed change but that is not why you step into being the true you. You step into being the real you because you now see that not being the authentic you is what has caused almost all of your suffering. It is what has caused your struggle, lack, delay, and limitation. And you now know that even if nothing changes, you can no longer live out of alignment with the true you. You are no longer available for this way of living. You are only available to be the full, unapologetic version of you and to speak your unfiltered truth, always, no matter what.


When you stand in that place, without attaching to any outcome, everything will change because you have risen to answer the call of your authentic life with 100% commitment, devotion, and loyalty.


Are you ready to rise?


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