I find it so interesting that it was the straw, a piece of hay, that broke the camel’s back. Not some huge heavy slab of metal – a straw.


It is easy to think it takes a big catastrophic event to cause change.


For me, the devastating losses I suffered and deep depression that almost drowned me did indeed change me, but they were merely the beginning of the awakening. Sometimes it takes longer to access the deeper part of you that needs healing.


For me, I did wake up and I did take different actions but the fire that was burning so bright in the wake of the losses began to fade with time. It was like a rollercoaster. I would wake up, race to the top, then slowly fall back down only to revert to old patterns and beliefs. Yet, each time, I was refining what it is I truly wanted. I would get a taste of it then the saboteur would come in and throw me back in the corner. It was this process – this accumulation of moments over time – that led to the breaking point. The point at which you finally decide – enough. ENOUGH.


It can be something as subtle as a comment from someone or some slight inconvenience.  It is there that you realize, you have changed. You are now NO longer available for living a watered down, small version of you. You are no longer available for holding back your truth, for limiting your self-expression, for denying your soul’s genius and your heart’s calling.


And so it begins, You rise, Slowly at first, Then more boldly as you start to take on the true you – your real identity. And it starts to feel really, really good.

Now you know there is no going back, You know you will never abandon yourself, forsake yourself, or discount your dreams, ever, ever again.

You know now that you will do whatever it takes, no matter what to live the life you were created for – to do the work that is written on your soul, to speak the truth you are here to share, and to have the impact you are here to have.


It doesn’t mean it isn’t scary anymore. It means you no longer let fear guide you. It means you remember to tap into YOUR power, first and foremost, and you remind yourself daily that true security is only found within.


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Celebrating the true you,


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