Yesterday afternoon, I conducted a workshop on transforming your relationship with money. This a topic that goes deep. We don’t often give much thought to where our thoughts and beliefs about money come from. When your financial situation is not what you desire it to be, when you have anxiety and stress around money, that is a clear sign that it is time to dig into your relationship with money.


In the workshop, every participant uncovered something new about themselves and the role that money played in their lives. Often, money is made to be the ultimate power and is placed on a pedestal. This is unhealthy.


Your security does not come from money. Your security comes from within. Money may come and go, it is YOU that determines your sense of security regardless of your financial situation.
That is a lot of the work the participants delved into last night – releasing the power money held over them and shifting to a place of reclaiming their own power. It was beautiful.
That is the work we all must do. We must own our power, no matter what is going on around us.


I would love to offer this training to you if you are interested. I have offered this training virtually before and would be happy to do so again.
If you would like to attend a virtual training of Transforming your Relationship with Money, please contact me and let me know so I can schedule one in the coming weeks.


Until then, something you can do TODAY to transform your relationship with money is to write out 25 ways to feel wealthy NOW, regardless of your financial situation. This puts you back in control as you begin to notice wealth is so much more than dollar bills.

And, start visualizing your ideal life DAILY.


Also, check out these three daily mindset shifts to attract more money into your life.

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