I got into road biking when I had to take a break from running to heal an injury. When I first started, I was scared. I had never used clipless pedals before and the idea of having my feet attached to my bike made me nervous.

In the beginning, I had to convince myself to go for a bike ride. What? You had to convince yourself to do something you enjoy, to go have fun?



I was scared. I could fall. I might get hurt. I would look like a fool. (Oh no! Not that!)

The crazy thing is we do this in life all the time.

We have to convince ourselves to go after our dreams, to do work we enjoy, to enroll in that course that we are drawn to, to make great money doing great work, to live in alignment with our desires, as if it is so dang scary, it just might kill us.

Something we want, something we desire, something we are drawn to – this – this is what scares us? Yes.

Crazy, isn’t it?


We make the path look like it is filled with monsters, fiery swamps, quicksand, scary dark, haunted forests. Who would want to walk that path? It’s no wonder we stay where we are.

The crazy thing is that when we start to walk the path, the monsters disappear, as do all the other scary apparitions of our mind. It is in action that we defeat our fears. They only hold on to us when we don’t move – and that’s their job, anyway – to immobile us.

It’s our job to walk right up to them and then keep on walking.

What do you WANT to do that makes you a little nervous? That thing that is a part of you seeking expression but is a little afraid to be seen (because what if I fail? what if I look stupid? and on and on, they go).

Action makes all these little critters scurry away. They aren’t as strong as we think but it does require us to move.

Walk up to your fears and tell them, Hello, Fear. You’re not so scary up close (you sure looked scary from way back in my mind). I wanted to tell you that I’m a badass so, you know, move along, cuz I got some shit to do.

What one small step can you take today to walk up to the fear?

Reminding you that you truly are a badass and much stronger than your fears,


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