You have to believe in happiness, or happiness never comes. 

Douglas Malloch

How are you today? I hope your day is already full of little moments of contentment. Here in the U.S., election season is finally over. It felt like a very long election season.

It is easy to get caught up in all the propaganda and lose sight of where we’re going. Many times, we want to delay our satisfaction with life by placing our well-being or state of being on some external circumstance. We think if this person is elected, everything will be better. If I get this job, things will be ok. If he or she likes me, then I’ll be happy. If I lose ten pounds, then I’ll feel great.

The majority of the things I just mentioned are out of our control. We can’t make someone like us or hire us. Yes, we can vote and yes, we can choose to eat healthily and exercise, but the point is we can choose to feel great no matter what. Being miserable and beating yourself up for being overweight is not going to motivate you to lose weight. It is more likely to make you more depressed which usually leads to less exercise and poor food choices, which leads to weight gain, not weight loss. On the other hand, if we can choose to feel ok where we are, then we can make choices from a positive and accepting place to start changing the things we do have control over. We can choose to go on a walk. We can choose to spend time with people who encourage and support us and place firm boundaries around negative people.

How would you rather spend your days? Believing everything in the world is conspiring against you or knowing that everything is actually working out for your highest good? We may not understand it all right now. We may be struggling with our current circumstances but we can still practice, (one more time, one more thought), believing it is all going to work out for the best. Somehow, someway, in the not so distant future.

The trick is to not place how you want to feel captive to conditions. The key is to create the atmosphere right now that will give you that feeling. If feeling free is important to you, create that feeling – that could mean spending time in nature, being active, jumping in a lake. Only you know what free feels like to you and only you know what you can do to generate those feelings.

It may not always be easy but we do always have the choice. I encourage you to choose to feel great now, regardless of any external circumstances. This moment is all we really have anyway.

How do you desire to feel today? What will you choose to do to feel that way?


Wishing you a day filled with everything you desire,



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