Something amazing is going to happen today.

Where are you on this beautiful day? I hope wherever you are, you are noticing little pieces of beauty everywhere you go.

I’ve been meditating on the idea of allowing lately. Allowing is in direct opposition to resistance. Many times we can be so resistant to change – we find ways to stay where we are (even if it doesn’t serve us). We may even be unknowingly blocking new opportunities from coming into our lives because we are stuck in a pattern of resistance.

I started paying more attention to what I was allowing into my life. Was I open to receiving more beauty, more wonder, more joy, more abundance? I asked myself what I was focusing on. Was I focusing on what I didn’t have and what I didn’t like? If so, I was ultimately attracting more of that into my life. So I decided to consciously shift my focus, while at the same time holding whatever it was I wanted loosely. I didn’t want to hold on to what I wanted so tightly that I strangled it. This is where faith comes in – trusting it is indeed going to work out as I take actions each day towards what it is I want. I am actively engaged in moving towards it while having faith and letting go of my attachment to it.

What serendipitous events happen throughout your day? What do you notice? The beautiful, vast blue sky? The flowers? The smiles? The laughter? What is your energy like when you focus on those things vs. things that affect your energy negatively? I believe there are just as many positive things happening around us, if not more, than there are negative things. It depends on what we choose to spend our energy on.

It does take a conscious effort to watch yourself and then make adjustments as you go. It is like when you first start working out or exercising, it takes some time to build up your stamina and strengthen your muscles. The more you continue working out, the stronger and healthier you get. It doesn’t happen after your first day at the gym. The same is true here. Start to build up your positive attention stamina. The more you do it, the easier it gets, the better you feel, and the more positivity you experience.

You can start by telling yourself when you wake up in the morning, “Today is a great day.” Then continue on that trend for the rest of day, noticing beauty wherever you find it and paying attention to all the good things that happen throughout the day.

I read about a woman who put a sign on the inside of the front door that said, “Something amazing is going to happen today.” She left her house with that mindset every day which caused her to be on the lookout, even subconsciously, for amazing things happening throughout her day.

What can you choose to allow in today? What can you choose to focus on?


Sending you many serendipitous events and many amazing moments throughout your day,



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