…for you who want to see the value in how relationships impact your income and how to fix it …

First of all, let’s clear this up: 

Myth: You can separate your relationship from your strategy and it won’t impact your business or sales. 

Fact: They are 100% interconnected – if you have a problem in your relationship, it is going to show up in your business. 

When clients come to me, they usually come to me for money (yes, hello making sales within 72 hours 😉) but they also come because they want to improve their relationships with their partner, themselves, their clients and prospective clients because they know it is all connected. 


And it’s frustrating because everyone is telling you it’s just the strategy but you know that’s not true when you’re heartbroken or you just had a fight with your spouse and the next day you need to sell. 🤨

With my clients, I can see into their model of the world (their biz & relationship) based on what they share with me. I guide them to make adjustments in their communication with their partner, which starts to shift how they see themselves and their business.

With one of my clients, I helped her change how she saw herself and her work in comparison to her husband’s and she made a sale within 72 hours of our first call. 🎉

How you are in your relationship with your partner is how you show up in your business and in your marketing. 

The issue is, most of the time, you don’t see it. 

This is normal – we don’t see our own default patterns, which is why it is so important to work with the right mentor who can help you see them with curiosity and compassion instead of criticism and judgment. 

I’ve been in my share of dysfunctional relationships and know the impact this has on the other areas of our lives, and specifically, our work. 

Your work is a reflection of how you view yourself as is your relationship. They go hand in hand. 🙌🏽

You can have a brilliant strategy but it won’t function at the level it is designed to if your relationship feels like a battlefield. 

In our work together, we will shift your relationship through your perception of yourself, your communication, and your boundaries. As your relationship changes, your marketing changes, and that changes your sales. 

Not only does the passion and intimacy in your relationship increase, so does your income. Pleasurably. 😉