(and how it has everything to do with your relationship…)

What shows up in your relationship, shows up in your business.

I went through a period of my life I am not proud of…I had gotten involved in a very destructive affair… you know the kind that make you cringe when you hear about it.

I was building my business at the time, which puts you in a very vulnerable and insecure place as you are putting yourself and your work out to the world for all to see.

This fed into the fear of failing and the doubt if I could really do what I wanted to do besieged me.

When you are in a place of fear, your default survival mechanism from childhood kicks in – what this is is different for everyone. For me, it was the fear of being seen and for wanting what I wanted. In order to protect me, the subconscious created ways to keep me invisible and unsatisfied.🤨

What better way than a secret, “forbidden,” and destructive affair when the most I could hope for were the crumbs from the leftovers when what I truly desired was the 5-star 5-course meal at the best restaurant in town, dressed to the nines with a gorgeous man by my side who wanted to show me off as his wife?

As I “settled” for this in my relationship, I also discounted my value in my work – think: $125 for a 7.5 workshop. 😳

Sometimes going to the darkest places within ourselves is what we need to remember our light.

For me, what happened next wasn’t dramatic and tumultuous, it was painful, as change often is, yet, the shift was subtle. As I began to question what I was doing with this man with curiosity and compassion, I started to make different decisions.

This helped me shift how I saw myself which opened me up to a whole new world.

A world where I valued myself and my work and stopped settling for anything I didn’t desire. That meant investing in the right support!

This opened me up to changing my offer and raising my rate to $3000 for 12-weeks AND to a man who treated me like a queen. 👑

Sales and pleasure started flowing in and my bank account and heart started filling up. 

As within, so without. ❤️

5-star, 5-course meal and $10k sales included.