How to break through to consistent sales in your biz by tweaking your relationship, not your strategy ❤️

Ever feel like sales are a game of pinball where sometimes you hit the target and score high and other times, the ball goes in the drain too many times and the game is over?

It wreaks havoc on your emotions as you work harder only to feel more anxious and less trusting of yourself. 

Many coaches will say that you need to tweak your strategy and they are at the ready to throw one at you.

It’s not your strategy, Dorothy. 👠

It’s your relationship.

If you find yourself experiencing up and down sales, you will find at least one of these issues in your relationship:

  • Asking permission from your partner in making business investments & decisions
  • Avoiding conflict and defaulting to pleasing them and doing things their way
  • Deferring to your partner for even the simplest decisions (i.e. what do you want to do for dinner?)
  • Getting easily upset and complaining about something they did or didn’t do

Your relationship is intricately connected to your business and sales.

Many people think they can compartmentalize themselves and be a certain way in business and another way in their business. 

It doesn’t work that way. 

With my clients, I help them see themselves differently in their relationship by asking specific questions that are unique to their situation and picking up on what they say, don’t say, and how they say it. From this gold mine, I guide them to shift their perception of themselves by helping them become aware of their unique spiritual gifts. 

As they embrace and own this new knowledge, they change how they show up in their relationship. They develop new boundaries and communicate differently. 

This translates directly into how they show up in their business – in what they chose to say and how they say it which results in clients reaching out to them wanting to work with them, when before they felt invisible. 💎

Instead of analyzing and anxiously adjusting their strategy for how they will hit their target each month, they change who they are in their relationship which changes their default brain wiring out of survival and into growth.

This opens the doors to their creativity giving them new ideas for how they want to work with their clients, bold topics to share, and how they want to run their business. 

The stressful end of the month freak outs are replaced with celebrations of exceeding their sales goals – all while having more love and fun. ❤️