Why the 7-figure coach formula for growing a business leads many coaches to want to quit their business…😳

When you want to grow your business and find yourself in a bit of a rut, more often than not, you are following another coach’s system or strategy.

How will you know?

You feel bored and uninspired yet you want to grow – just differently! 😉

Most 7-figure coaches are selling the exact same formula: 

Start a group coaching program or mastermind and a membership site, build a large FB group, grow a big email list, create valuable freebies that connect to a funnel, offer a master class, start a podcast, raise your vibration, learn the 7-figure mindset, limit one on ones.

There is nothing wrong with any of these things, in and of themselves. 

Where the issue arises is when they become something you do, not because it connects to your gifts and gives you joy but because you think that’s what is required to succeed.

It’s normal to think that this formula that many 7-figure entrepreneurs teach is the way to go. It is pervasive in the coaching industry. 

I have seen this formula cause many coaches to want to either take a break from their business or give it up entirely. 🤨


It isn’t coming from their unique gifts, how they naturally work, and what they love – it is coming from someone else and there is an element of fear underlying it as well. Fear that this is the only way and if they don’t do it, they won’t be successful. 

No wonder they want a break from their business. 😕

There is another way – a way that allows you to run your business your way.

I guide my clients to explore how they perceive themselves and their business to uncover the model of the world they created from their past. This impacts how their brain is wired as they have made a connection between certain behaviors and outcomes and safety. 

This could show up as having to do their business a certain way and being stuck at a certain level of income. It could show up as only being able to talk about certain things in their marketing which attracts clients that aren’t the right match for them. 

All a recipe for a dissatisfying business and limited growth. 😔

By becoming aware of this old model of the world, I help them see how it shaped their unique gifts and perspective. It is those gifts and that perspective that, when embraced and owned, allow them to do their business differently.

This shifts how they perceive themselves, which changes what they talk about and how they talk about it. They begin to speak with conviction on topics they used to avoid. This attracts the clients who are a match for getting amazing results with their unique process.

What happens then is they naturally stop doing all the things they thought they “had” to do and instead do the things they love, which brings more energy, enthusiasm, and money to their business. 

And, that leads to intelligent, sustainable, and ENJOYABLE business growth because your business becomes a reflection of you instead of a copycat of someone else. 

When you do your business your way, you are naturally driven to excellence, connected to higher levels of creativity, and destined to succeed beyond what you even imagined possible. 🏅

I can help guide you there. 😊