To the coaches who taught me to create lead magnets, email campaigns, and funnels, I created countless dozens.

To the coach who was all about NLP and Instagram, you helped me see who I am not.

To the coach who was about releasing negative energy using her book of muscle testing tricks, that negative energy continued to stick around. 

To the coach who told me it was all about alchemizing my shadow and activating the dark, it didn’t work for me.

To the coach who told me I had to divorce my family and remove them from my life forever, I’m glad I didn’t listen to you. 

To the coach who told me to network, create a low-priced membership, and keep my fees low, you didn’t really see me.

To the coach who told me to tap and do 3-day challenges and then told me she was glad when our mentorship was over because she didn’t look forward to our calls, you showed me the kind of coach I will never be.

To the coach who said it was about clearing money blocks and using her crystal method of manifestation, this only reinforces money blocks.

To the coach who was all about law of attraction, I discovered it requires more than being high-vibe.

To the mentor who helped me clarify my message, this reinforced the belief that it takes a long time to sell and there are a lot of hoops to jump through. 

To the mentor who was all about acceptance, forgiveness, and permission, you helped me see myself differently.

To the mentor who was all about play and creativity, you helped me see the importance of cultivating joy.

To the mentor who showed me my gift in relationships, you helped me shift my perception of me.

To the mentor who helped me see transformation doesn’t have to take a long time, you helped set me free from old, deeply rooted beliefs about change and I was able to shift my business in ways I never had before so that sales were fun, easy, and empowering.

You all led me on a path to clarifying who was the right mentor for me and to seeing the type of mentor I desire to be.

You must be what you desire to attract because you attract what you are.

I can see who I was with each of you from playing the victim to hiding to breaking free from victim mentality and owning my power, worth, and truth to claim and realize all I desire. 

I am grateful I continued to evolve in who I was and who I desired to work with. 

I want to thank all of you for all the lessons that led me to where I am now and to being the woman, coach, and business owner I am meant to be and will continue to evolve into.



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