I’m a natural teacher and guide. AND, I have dedicated my life to it. I am constantly learning, researching, experimenting, and applying what I have learned. 

Even when something comes to you naturally, you have to feed and nurture it through committed practice. 

Why do I do what I do? 

I love seeing people lit up – seeing their being physically change. It is powerful when they have a new insight – when they see, interpret, or perceive the world differently – in a way that makes something new possible for them.

I saw this happen when I was coaching cross country and track at Steamboat Springs High School. Many of the student athletes had placed limitations on their abilities.

With practice and the mindset of “one more step,” they all shattered their self-imposed constraints. When they did, the way they held themselves shifted. They stood taller, they smiled more often. They exuded an easy and natural confidence.

When I was teaching career and post-secondary preparation to students from under-resourced schools – many of whom were first-generation US Americans and English was their second language, others whose families had low expectations of them, and still others who came from abusive and neglectful households – I saw the light of possibility shine more brightly as these students began to see a different future for themselves than what they had thought possible.

I guided them to explore their interests, skills, and talents and discover different career paths that excited them. They then created their own business cards with their chosen career listed under their name. The pride that exuded from these students as they showed off their cards was palpable.

With my clients, they begin to realize all the barriers they have erected preventing higher levels of success. They start to shift to see these barriers as leverage. Each barrier is a tool for their continued growth. It becomes a game — what will the next obstacle be? The greater the obstacle, the even greater the solution and the sweeter the success.

They uncover the reserves of power and creativity that have been laid dormant for years. Who they are being transforms. They have an ease about them that has replaced the hustle. Their whole sense of who they are has elevated which allows them to take bold actions, have courageous conversations, and be tapped into and advance their passion and mission.

It is exhilarating, this work I do, precisely because it is what I am meant to do and what I dedicate myself to. 

What are you being called to? 

Book your call with me and let’s dream and create even bigger.

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