We are in unprecedented times. The stock market looks like a roller coaster ride. Businesses are being forced to close. Many people are looking at unemployment. Insecurity is rampant as is anxiety.

Why? Many people place their sense of security on money. Yet security can only come from within.

In 2017,  I was offering and conducting training and workshops on improving your relationship with money. I loved it and was passionate about it. I knew first hand how easily our relationship with money could be distorted.

I wanted to play a role in changing that and bringing more freedom and empowerment to people around money. 

Around that same time, I heard two people on two different occasions talking about people who helped people with their money and they commented that these individuals were driving basic cars. I could sense the judgment in their tone of voice – like who are you to tell us about money – you drive a Toyota! As if the type of car you drive determines your net worth. 

I started to second-guess myself. Well, I drive a basic car so does that mean I shouldn’t be helping people with money? What a silly question and even sillier that I entertained it.

There are a lot of vanity measures of worth – the type of car you drive, the size of your house, the brand name of your clothes. You can have all that and not be wealthy and instead be deep in debt. You can also have all that, not be in debt, and still feel poor.

The truth is your worth does not, and never has, come from your material possessions or financial status. That is the outside in approach that leaves many people chasing a certain financial status only to reach it and still feel empty inside. And others to lose it all and feel worthless without it.

It needs to be flipped. Start on the inside.

Create your own sense of worth and value from within – a worth and value that is not dependent on outside circumstances – and you will never feel poor, no matter what’s happening around you. When you create prosperity and wealth on the inside, it can’t help but be expressed on the outside. The same way a caterpillar cannot but become a butterfly. 

I never had money issues. I started earning money as an adolescent by offering my services as a babysitter and house cleaner. I got a job when I was 15 by walking to every business in my neighborhood to ask if they were hiring. None of them hired me but when I was sharing my search for work with a friend in math class, she suggested I apply at the dry cleaners where she worked.

I went in to apply, got a work permit, and was hired within the week. I loved it. These were pre-cell phone and mass credit card use days. Most people paid cash and we had to do the math in our heads to give the right change. I soon was closing the stores, tracking the money in, and depositing the money in the safe before I left. I felt so empowered!

In college, when I got my first credit cards, I always paid them off in full each month. I invested. I saved. I bought my own home when I was in my 30’s with no financial support from anyone but me. I had money to complete home repairs and to contract out work beyond my expertise. I felt free.

Then I got into coaching. I started investing 4 and 5 figures in other coaches and started buying into the rhetoric of the self-help and coaching world. All of a sudden I discovered I had money blocks. I learned it must be from my grandparents and parents or it was a fear of success or outshining your family.

The truth is I didn’t have any money blocks. You don’t either.

Believing this keeps you investing in getting help to overcome them though. This begins a vicious cycle of I must be broken so I need to invest in help. Yet when that support doesn’t help, you convince yourself you must be more broken than you thought. This keeps you in a cycle of debt, doubt, and an income that doesn’t meet your needs and desires.

Before all this, I had always been able to support myself well with plenty left over to invest in travel, my future, house projects, clothes, and fun. Now all of a sudden, I have money issues? 

Instead of looking at the evidence that I managed my money well and had always been a smart consumer and wise steward of money, I bought into the victim mentality. It’s your imprinting, they said. 

No, it’s not. It’s what you are choosing to believe which is what influences your decisions and actions which is what creates your outcomes.

When you accept full responsibility for your financial, physical, and mental well-being, there is no room for excuses or playing the victim. Talk about being empowered and free!

When you choose to invest from a place of fear, it is easy to convince yourself that if you invest more, you would be more motivated to do the work and whatever it took to get a return on your investment.

It doesn’t work.

Punishing yourself, by investing beyond your means, never equates to growth. Bullying yourself often turns into the MO and even though you have plenty of proof it doesn’t work, you keep at it.

What does it take to break free?

What it often does: hitting rock bottom. 

Seeing your debt increasing while your income isn’t. Struggling to pay the bills each month. Feeling anxiety around money in ways you had not experienced before.

You are not alone in this.

You can come back to seeing money as a tool that empowers you to live as you desire. This is what you need to live, so cool, what can you do to create that?

You can bring money back to neutral, like math. This is how it works – it doesn’t play favorites and it can’t be distorted. It simply is what it is. Numbers.

Now I am coming back to where I started.  You can too.

You are not broken. Whatever beliefs you may have picked up from your family are not a life sentence or curse. You get to create your own beliefs – beliefs that don’t take you down the rabbit hole of psychobabble money drama – that money is energy, pure and simple.

Join me in doing what it takes to get out of debt, stay out of debt, and increase your income to more than support you, your family, and the lifestyle you desire. Learn to be wise in your investments and smart about your future, which means having the proper life insurance and estate plan and building your savings and retirement fund. And, yes, maybe even driving a used car.

Now is the perfect time to create and build your sense of empowerment and freedom around money. The world will always be an insecure place and the future always uncertain.

You are the one who can create certainty and stability in not only owning your true worth and value but also in taking full responsibility for your financial, mental, and physical state of being. It’s all connected and it can all be transformed – one thought, belief, decision, and action at a time. 

Now is the Perfect Time to Get Right with Your Money

Mastering your energetic, emotional, financial, and physical state in times of uncertainty is my specialty – book your call with me to learn how we can work together so that you create a life that exceeds your greatest desires no matter what’s happening around you. 

Invest in yourself by working with a coach who sees you beyond whatever challenge you’re currently facing rather than one who defines you by your challenge.


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