The world is an insecure place. It makes sense we, as humans, would grapple with our own insecurities. 

Yet we must challenge our conception of security. Security is not controlling everything, analyzing everything, or strategizing everything. Security is not perfection. 

Security, to me, is being free from worry about the future, anxiety about the present, and regret about the past. For me, security must come from within. It is cultivating inner trust, a strong faith, and knowing that you will be ok with you no matter what happens. 

Security is freedom from external measures of success, validation, approval, and acceptance and giving those things to you now, not when or if your conditions are met. 

Security is being calm in uncertainty, choosing to stay in the moment, and mastering your emotional and energetic state. 

Security comes from forgiving ourselves and choosing to love yourself despite your misguided decisions and misaligned choices. 

Security is being honest with yourself about where you are, what you want, and what you are and are not willing to do to get there. 

Security is being all of who you are wherever you are and whoever you are with.

Security is having the courage to share the truth of who you are, right where you are, no matter how messy that might be. 

What that mess has looked like in my life is wrestling with self-loathing and self-sabotage. I am learning to forgive, love, and accept myself. I am letting go of all the self-judgment and self-criticism and making amends to myself. There are moments when I feel freer than I have ever felt, joyful for no reason, and experience a deep connection with spirit. I am choosing to deliberately create more of those moments to replace the periods of doubt and depression. The more I realize that spirit is within me and working through me, the more I connect to my divine inner nature where worry, lack, and limitation don’t exist. There I see that my challenges have already been solved. There I see that my challenges chose me in order to grow me so that I could guide others through their challenges to their own liberation. There I see that everything is, indeed, always working out for me, even when I slip back into insecurity. I can now see that insecurity was calling me to wake up and come back to me – the divine, confident, courageous, imperfect me.

What does security look and feel like for you?

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