At 5:30am this morning, I leaped out of bed to respond to a call for help. My pup, Merli, was sick. When I heard her, even though I was still half asleep, I sprung into motion. I ran for her kennel to get her out. I held her and pet her to make sure she was ok. I took her outside, gave her some food and then we went on a walk. 

I didn’t yell at her for waking me up. I didn’t scold her for dirtying her bed. I didn’t begrudge her for messing up my morning routine. I was kind, attentive, and loving. 

Would we do the same for ourselves when we felt off? 

We beat ourselves up for not getting up earlier. We scold ourselves for not getting more done during the day. We hold on to the impact of past actions in influencing our productivity. In short, we are very rarely kind, attentive, and loving to ourselves. We more quickly attack and criticize than seek to understand and learn. 

Why do we continue to think abuse leads to change when all evidence points to the opposite?

What would be possible for you if you gave yourself the attention you’re often seeking from others?

What would happen if you stopped attacking yourself and working against yourself and started working FOR you? 

Imagine what you would discover if you were curious with your missteps, anxiety, or stuckness instead of critical. 

Where would that new awareness lead you? What would that make available to you? 

Here is a glimpse into some of the results I’ve had from doing this powerful inner work:

  • Overcoming body hatred and shame, anorexia and bulimia, compulsive eating and obsessive exercise. I now eat with awareness, pleasure, and zero guilt. I exercise in ways that fill me up instead of break me down. I am at peace with and appreciative of my body.
  • Leaving a job that was no longer fulfilling and moving alone outside the US to live and work. I got out of the spiral of “what I am meant to do with my life” and did it – I earned my coaching certification and began my mission of guiding others back to their true, highest selves and their soul work.

The best part is I trust myself, respect my journey, and honor my process of continual transformation. 

Where do you want to go and who do you want to be? I’d love to be your guide for that incredible journey.

Adventure calls

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